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Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by bobbyjss, Mar 24, 2006.

  1. Hey folks!
    I've got an "Afgan Goo" clone about 6" tall, in dirt indoors. I don't have pix yet but the leaves start off beautiful dark green then slowly & evenly fade to yellow. I did get over fert burn on the tips & am currently flushing, but the yellowing started as soon as I brought it home & put it in dirt. I'm using Mirical grow soil, & a 400w MH lamp. I have looked at other plant abuse charts but can't seem to get a straight answer. I should have my cam for pix soon. Any help?
  2. What type of MG soil. Does it have time release ferts? Does it have any ferts added at all or is it organic?
  3. MG Time released. I did foliar feed too but I stopped & flushed. It'll be so much easier when I can post a pic........ They aren't "yellow" like pics I've seen on GC. A real light green, but they start off dark green. My soil ph is 6.8 or so. Probably just "over fert". You know us noobs -- tryin to grow magic bean stalks.. I'll keep researching until I can give ya a look.....

  4. This yellowing is only a preview of what is to come. Luckily you have a clone which is stronger than a baby seedling. If you want a nice smoke able product, the first thing you should do is go get some different soil and transplant them ASAP. Stop any and all feeding for now. Try to get some organic potting soil NOT MG at a nursery or something close by you.
  5. Can I transplant my plant from dirt to hydro? It's only 6" at the most. If so would I carefully dig it out then wash the roots off then move it to hydro? I'm waiting on my system (bubbler * all I could afford). I can grow 6 plants so as it stands I'll have 5 hydro & 1 dirt. I'd like to x the dirt.
  6. Yes I think you can switch over. Gently take out the plant, let the dirt fall off and clean the roots with fresh water.
  7. thanks VTEC
  8. man why do so many people use MG time-release soil. LOL. i stick to mixing my own and have never looked back.
  9. I was on a budget & in a hurry the day I got it (MG). After flushing the plant with seltzer water it has just taken off!! Better than I've ever seen. Seltzer water kicks ass! I'll stick with MG this time around. I don't see needing dirt anymore except for the regular house plants. I'll be all hydro soon.
    thanks again
  11. :( I learned the hard way with MG but I am very happy to state even grown from seed they made it through the harsh chemicals in MG some light burning on the leaves,I flushed and flushed and flushed happy to announce they came around beautiful....mind you I will never ever again use MG!

    Vancouver Island Witch:smoking:
  12. dragged down by the stone.........

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