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    (If you don't know how to preform an exercise ask a Trainer or consult www.shapefit.com for an example)

    Before every workout Cardio for 15-30 minutes.

    Self-support Workouts:
    -Push ups (Diamond, Wide Stance, Regular)
    -Jumping Jacks
    -Chin Ups
    -Pulls Ups
    -Bench Dips
    -High Knees
    -Mountain Climbers
    -Planks (Variations extending Arm and Legs)
    -Wall Sit

    Weight Assisted:
    -Squats (Forwards and Standard)
    -Leg Presses (High and Low)
    -Hack Squats
    -Leg Extentions
    -Leg Curls
    -Standing Leg Curls
    -Side Lunges
    -Machine or Cable Abductors
    -Sissy Squats
    -Romanian Dead Lift
    -Stiff Legged Dead Lift
    -Good Mornings

    Back and Traps:
    -Machine Pullovers
    -Barbell Bent-Arm Pullovers
    -Dumbbell Pullovers
    -Barbell Bent-Over Rows
    -Reverse-Grip Bent-Over Rows
    -Dumbbell Bent-Over Rows
    -Machine Bent-Over Rows
    -T-Bar Rows
    -Seated Cable Rows
    -Seated Machine Rows
    -Lat Pulldowns
    -Barbell Shrugs
    -Dumbbell Shrugs
    -Machine Shrugs
    -Barbell Upright Rows
    -Dumbbell Upright Rows

    -Side Dumbbell Raises
    -Front Dumbbell Raises
    -Dumbbell Raises 45 degrees to the Front
    -Grymko Dumbbell Raises
    -Incline Dumbbell Raises
    -Rear Dumbbell Raises
    -Radical Grymko-Rack Delt Chins
    -Barbell Press (Military Press)
    -Machine Barbell Press
    -Dumbbell Press, Seated or Stanging

    -Bench Press
    -Incline Press
    -Decline Press
    -Parallel-Bars or Machine Dips
    -Flat-Bench Dumbbell Flyes
    -Incline-Bench Dumbbell Flyes
    -Decline-Bench Dumbbell Flyes
    -Cable Crossovers
    -Pec Dec
    -DB Across Bench Pullovers

    Biceps and Forearms:
    -Standing Barbell Curls
    -Machine Curls
    -Dumbbell Concentration Curls
    -Overhead Cable Curls
    -Scott or Preacher Barbell Curls
    -Standing Dumbbell Curls
    -Seated Dumbbell Curls
    -Barbell Wrist Curls with Hands Up and Down
    -Standing Reverse Barbell Curls
    -Dumbbell Hammer Curls

    -Close-Grip Bench Press
    -Triceps Bar Dips
    -Bench Dips
    -Flat-Bench Barbell Extensions
    -Incline or Decline Barbell Extension
    -Standing Barbell Extension
    -Dumbbell Kickbacks
    -Triceps Cable Pushdowns

    -Standing Calf Raises
    -Donkey Calf Raise with Partner
    -Back-Machine Calf Raises
    -Machine Donkey Calf Raises
    -Reverse Calf Raise on Block
    -Leg Press Calf Raises
    -One-Leg Dumbbell Calf Raises
    -Seated Calf Raises

    -Leg Raises
    -Reverse Crunches
    - Hanging Frog Kicks
    -Floor Crunches
    -Rope and Cable Crunches
    -Machine Crunches
    -Roman-Chair Sit-Ups
    -Side Twists with Pole
    -Side Bends with Dumbbell
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    Example Workout:

    (First Number is Sets, Second Is Repetition/Duration*)

    Day 1:
    3 10 Romanian Dead Lift
    3 10 Squats (Standard)
    3 10 Leg Extentions
    3 10 Leg Curls
    3 10 Good Mornings
    3 10 Side Bends with Dumbbell
    3 10 Leg Raises
    3 60* Plank
    3 10 Rope and Cable Crunches

    Day 2:
    3 10 Bench Press
    3 10 Incline Press
    3 10 Decline Press
    3 10 Cable Crossovers
    3 10 T-Bar Rows
    3 10 Seated Cable Rows
    3 10 Dumbbell Shrugs
    3 10 Side Dumbbell Raises
    3 10 Front Dumbbell Raises

    Day 3:
    3 10 Dumbbell Concentration Curls
    3 10 Overhead Cable Curls
    3 10 Seated Dumbbell Curls
    3 10 Standing Reverse Barbell Curls
    3 10 Dumbbell Hammer Curls
    3 10 Triceps Bar Dips
    3 10 Bench Dips
    3 10 Dumbbell Kickbacks
    3 10 Triceps Cable Pushdowns
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  9. That is a shitload of information to follow EVERY DAY. I wish I could lay off the Mac N Cheese and all that bad junk.
  10. The nutrition info I kinda had written out (it was in Power Point format) so I basically cut and pasted that over but all the exercise was just me writting down my shit.

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    Lots of great info, good job Rhythm! I shot up to 185 from 175 this past month or two due to injuries its time to get back to shape though injuries are somewhat fading! :hello:

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  15. I think this does have some excellent info, but also some misleading info.

    Specifically, your outline of fat burning could be updated. Burning fat is NOT so much about caloric restriction or calories burnt as it is about the macronutrient profile of your diet; i.e. how many grams of carbs, protein & lipids you ingest.

    If you are trying to burn fat, you don't have to eat less, simply eat smarter. Do not eat calorically dense foods (e.g. oatmeal), and try to lower your overall carbohydrate intake.

    Unless you are in keytosis (a state in which your body burns lipids for energy), carbs will be your main source of energy. Thus, to burn your fat stores, you must burn whatever carbs you've stored first. Generally it takes about 30 - 45 minutes of steady state cardiovascular exercise before you've depleted your carbohydrate stores, and about 20 minutes of HIIT (high intensity interval training).

    Another way to burn fat effectively is to do cardiovascular exercise in a "fasted" state—a state in which your body has no available carbs to burn. The ideal time for this is in the morning, right after getting up. Unless you ate a good amount of slow burning nutrients before going to sleep (such as a casein whey protein shake, or a plate of eggs), then your body will have nothing to burn but its fat stores, having burnt much of its carb stores overnight. Another effective way to do this is intermittent fasting, but that can lead to eating disorders or a dangerously low caloric/nutrient intake without proper planning.

    In short, if you want to burn fat, do cardio when you wake up, before eating anything. Then, don't eat for an hour after you finish your cardio workout, to let your body burn the most fat possible. Also, doing cardiovascular exercise after weight training can be effective, as you will have burnt many carbs during your weight training.
  16. Didn't know my facts were "misleading" I mean this is information I acquired in fall of 2007 so its only a year old... but I guess updates are needed.
  17. I find the best way to burn fat is to do yoga for an hour or 2 every day (the longer the better). It gives you a cardio-vascular workout, and also stretches, strengthens, and tones your muscles. It's also 0 impact, which makes it perfect for those of us with injuries (like torn ligaments and bad backs, lol). :D

    Good info, though :gc_rocks: :)
  18. Thank's for sharing it with us it's really seems to me a very useful Posts I really try to Implement it on My self.
  19. You need to remember a couple things before giving this advice. First, you need energy from food in order to perform exercise. As the director of a fitness center, I have seen too many people pass out because they didn't have anything to eat before exercise. Also, you want to eat WITHIN one hour of exercise because that is when your metabolism is the highest; you will simply burn off what you eat and regain the energy that you just used up.

    I will read over some more to make edits because a lot of the info is this thread is outdated, but it's great to see people who care about their fitness as they enjoy the herb :)
  20. I wanna get fit while smoking whats the best way i have limited fitniss equwitment so its easter to use things around the house whats the best way?

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