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  1. Seeds that are alive float on top of a glass of water but dead seeds sink?

    Some strains germinate faster in soil than other seeds in particular skunk variety?

    Even through the Skunk strains are stinky they are the easiest strains to grow with least amount of resistance and are a great strain for a first time grower?

    Some seeds don't germinate in soil at all? :smoking:
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    I can not comment on the seeds floating since I do not use this method. Different strains do preform differently in different environments. As for smell I wouldn't exactly say it STINKS, I love the smell. NOW I will say even within the same pack of seeds you will have some plants with a very strong aroma and others not so much. If you have purchased seeds you should expect a VERY high ratio of them to germinate.

    I typically just put them in damp paper towel folded over, place the paper towel in between two plates to keep em dark, and place the 2 plates inside a large ziplock 80% closed up, and finally place the whole deal on top the fridge. I would say 90% germinate with no problems.

    I am growing a few SKUNK now, check it out ...
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    Not true. Seeds that sink always seem more viable than those that do not sink. I place my seeds in about 2" of water w/ a drop of peroxide over night and find the ones that sink always germinate faster and seem stronger and more robust. Seeds that do not sink may still grow, however they seem to take longer to germinate. It is said that the stronger the embryo inside the seeds, the heavier the seed is which is the philosophy behind using the seeds that sink over the seeds that don't.

    I really do not believe any particular strain germinates faster than another. I believe it depends more on how fresh the seeds, the thickness of the shell, and the technique used to germinate the seeds. I have had some seeds pop in a day or 2, while others have taken 4 or 5. It all depends on the quality of the seeds and the techniques used in germination.

    Although they are good strains for first time growers, there are many other strains that are just as easy or even easier. AK 47 is one of the most forgiving strains around and is an excellent choice for first time growers, as is Big Bud, Northern Lights #5, Early Girl, and most Afghani strains. AK 47 and Big Bud are some of the most resistant strains I have ever grown.

    If the seeds are bad, no they will not germinate. I have grown over 30 different strains over the years, even IBL's, and have never seen a seed not germinate if it was good. If the seeds are good, they will germinate in soil, if they are bad, they will not germinate regardless of what kind of medium they are placed in.

  4. lessismore is right on, except that the seeds dont sink because they have heavier, more developed embryos. if that was the case, theyd sink immediately.

    instead, they sink over several hours as the water permeates the outer layers of the seed and reacts with the embryo
  5. Thank you for clearing that up. +rep and a good post. Was not sure of the reason they sink, but do know a seed w/out a healthy embryo will not sink.


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