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fact or fiction?

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by 1018am, May 20, 2010.

  1. fact or fiction: to make oil from grain alcohol, the amount of alcohol should be approximately double the amount of bud/stems/vaped?

    fact or fiction: reducing the finished mixture by 50% will insure that only alcohol has been evaporated?

    fact or fiction: hash oil goes bad after 6 months and it should be kept in a dark place?

    thanks! :)
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    1: Opposite. There should be 1-2 grams of tree for each Fl OZ of everclear. Its like 3-4 grams of vaped weed/stems and for every 1 fl oz. Why not use isopropyl alcohol to make hash oil? It evaporates much quicker and is more potent.

    2:Ummm idk by 50% but you do want to evaporate all the alcohol before smoking.

    3: It may not "go bad" but it will start to lose potency, and yes it should be stored in a dark container, in a dark place.
  3. thanks! i've had pretty good luck with grain alcohol in the past, so i decided to get the facts right. i'm concerned about toxins with isopropyl alcohol (it's not natural.) i've read that any remaining grain alcohol will be safe. i use the oil to drip over buds, so it will be smoked.

    as far as the first step, i've seen some info that the alcohol immediately absorbs the thc and other sources say to soak the bud for a few days. opinion?


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