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Fact or Fiction

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by ZooYork, Feb 21, 2009.

  1. Smoking a Cig after you've just got done smoking a blunt/bowl ext. gets u higher?
    Is it just all hype or does it rly work?
  2. Fiction if you ask me. I have friends that swear by it.

  3. fact. it does make you feel higher, the cigarette acts as a catalyst for the ganja.
  4. I really don't think it actually gets your higher, but the tobacco buzz can definitely make you feel higher.
  5. all depends on the cig and on our tolerance/need for tobacco. I smoke hand rolled cigs and they make me a bit dizzy even if im not high. that buzz you get when its your first cig in a while is amplified by the weed, so higher? maybe, but it def. has an effect in one way or another
  6. Yeah. If you don't smoke cigarettes regularly you can get a pretty good nicotine rush.
  7. It will not make you higher. You'll be high on weed and you'll have a head buzz from the cig; together they have a cohesive effect that may feel like you're higher, but you're not. It's the same thing as drinking 4-5 beers and then smoking. You'll feel a lot higher after the beers, even though you really aren't.
  8. Fiction - trust. :)

  9. Dont start smoking !!!!! I just quit...It's one of the hardest things in the world to do...and trust me you will wish you never started once you are smoking about 1 pack a day
  10. i get sick if i smoke more than 10 cigs a day. and congrats on quitting. the way i see it, i love smoking, the act of it, the time to just chill out, but it come with that negative aspect of addiction. i wish smoking a) didnt make my mouth and lungs want to kill me and b) that i get at nicotine craving if i havent had a cig in a few hours. i feel as though i dont smoke quite enough to make it really hard to quit but the addiction factor def. takes any of the motivation away from me wanting to quit.
  11. its hard dude...but my tea and my bong have got me through this....except for the fact I have no more smoke till I go home...and I am about an hour and a half away....and my train doesn't leave till 8:11 which is in 6 hours !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You can do it dude..its' not as hard as you think but once you make 3 days...your in the clear...honestly

    EDIT: it's been 8 days since smoking !!!!!! (cigarettes)

  12. not higher, just more intense head buzz
  13. fact, i always feel more fucked up after smoking a stoge. plus if i only have a little bud and it didnt get me much high a stoge will make me feel good
  14. I feel it gets me high and kinda smooths the high out if that makes any sense.
  15. i always smoke a cig after weed, but thats just cuz i'm addicted. doesn't really make a diffrence to me, i just do it because i feel like i have to.

    i'd like to quit though.

    ppl don't start doing this. a cig addiction is not worth getting a little higher
  16. I say fiction. Cigs do make you 'feel' higher, but in reality it's just the amplified feeling from being high, you're not actually higher. Although I have found that if I need to sober up quickly, hitting up a cig helps me deal with stuff better, probably because after the rush from the cig, a normal high is much easier to control.
  17. I also feel satisfied after a cig.
  18. same here, it's like ok i'm done and i feel damn good haha

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