Fact: I have not met one intelligent supporter of Bush

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Sad Panda, Jan 23, 2004.

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  1. True, some of the anti-Bush advocates are stupid, saying \"OMG BUSH IS STUPID HE SEZ SENTENZES RONG AND WAR IZ DUM!\"

    But I still, in all honesty, have yet to see a person who can intelligently and specifically defend Bush to any degree of success. And I have met plenty of people who can make excellent attacks on him.

    And \"All the democratic candidates are stupid,\" is NOT a reason. Nor is, \"He\'s better than Clinton/Gore/Dean/etc.\"

    All I\'m asking for is ONE person that actually knows about politics to intelligently state why Bush is not the biggest threat to our nation in its entire history. Then I\'ll at least feel like our nation MIGHT not be a nation of brainwashed idiots.
  2. I totally 100% agree with you brotha.
  3. fuck finding just one.

    i want to know where they all hang out.

    heck, even the stupid ones?

    where are all the bush supporters?

    i\'ve seen plenty stupid ones floating around struggling to make coherent sentences just like their idol, no smart ones tho.

    anyone know where to go to find them?
  4. I\'m a member at a social board on (I know, I\'m a nerd) www.gamefaqs.com .

    I\'ve been debating with pro-Bushies all night. Unfortunately, on a private board. :(

    But I\'d love to find more people to make fun of, especially over such easy issues as the Patriot Act, the entry into Iraq, Bush\'s domestic policy in general...
  5. For some reason a lot of conservative pot smokers reside at cheaptalk.marijuana.com, go there (you may see some of my posts in the \'world in crisis\' forum) and argue till dawn

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