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  1. Do chicks love cum on thier face?
  2. Idk but I love my cum on a hot chicks face/in mouth.
  3. Only when they're getting paid for the porn that they're filming
  4. Idk man some do my ex loves that stuff
  5. I personally don't do "facials"...I don't want cum on my face
    In my mouth or anywhere below the neck.
  6. Exactly, it just feels really gross, I will let my guy cum on my belly and tits, or ill swallow it, but I still hate the clean up from that!
  7. I never had a facial until my current bf. I wanted one, they seemed hot. And it was sexy as fuck when he did it. I will gladly take his cum anywhere he wants it :devious:
  8. why would any girl want jizz on her face?
  9. ^^^She's a keeper!!!
  10. Honestly I like facials. >:
  11. I actually love facials when were in the shower, it's easier to clean up afterwards :D but if we're not in the shower then I prefer to swallow :yummy: or he can cum on my tits, stomache or lower back :)
  12. can we get pics?

  13. Of what? :confused:
  14. I gave my first girlfriend a facial before i ever had sex with her, she said it was hot and when i went to go fuck her there was this gigantic pool of jizz it was like..Dark white..Looked like fuckin discharge rofl so i lost my b immediatly.

  15. you're alright.... high five!
  16. i'll take it anywhere but my face. i think it's hot when the guy cums on me but i do NOT liek it on my face.
  17. noted :smoking:
  18. Facials were invented by the porn industry as a device to make the "money shot" more visible and photographic.

    The wide acceptance of the practice as "normal sexuality activity" shows the vast influence of contemporary pornography.
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