facial tension

Discussion in 'General' started by ElectricalTraining7, Aug 29, 2019.

  1. Has anyone else become aware of tension they carry in their face, especially eyebrows?
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  2. No offense Electrical but I think you A) really high or B) noticing someting that always there. I could be wrong tho is it still annoying you tonight?

  3. Some of the new solventless live resins are so potent they will melt your face off.
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  4. Lol you got me with the title. I thought the f was an r...
  5. It's just a case of BHPS
  6. That is...benign head pressure syndrome
  7. I clench my jaw sometimes, but that’s just anxiety. I try to catch it but I find my self doing it often.
  8. I make a conscious effort to relax my visage.

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