facial hair.

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  1. what are you guys and gals opinions on it.
    if your a guy, do you have any? what type?
    if your a girl, do you like any? what type?
    i'm scruffy all over. my girlfriend loves it.
  2. you just making a thread because your bored? because ppl need to stop doing that.

    I don't do a good job at keeping up with shaving lately. I'm always kinda scruffy.
  3. goatee with a short neck beard, connecting with my sideburns. sometimes i think i look too scruffy, but I think i'd look too young without it, probably start getting carded for booze.
  4. im scruffy all over

    i grow it till it gets annoying in an endless cycle

    there are just too many girls who like the scruff for me to go out of my way and stay clean shaven for those who dont, plus im lazy:confused_2:
  5. lol. i've never grown facial hair. i'm thinking of groowing a goatee but don't know how to trim it and keept it nice lol.
  6. IMO the pointy goatees often look scummy, the full, rounded out "southern gentleman's goatee" as I like to call it, is the way to go... and it's gotta cover the entire chin, none of that thin strip of hair crap. oh yea, and the soul patch is a must. the trick is keeping it nice and even.. i just run the clipper part of an electric razor lightly over it every few days, it looks perfect.
  7. is this a bad thread?
    almost every guy has the ability to grow facial hair. i figured finding out what people thought about it wasn't that stupid of an idea.
    looks are a big part of sex love and relationships, and facial hair plays a role in that.
    sorry my thread does not meet your standards.
  8. I've wanted to grow a mustache for like 4 years.. just starting to get high on my face I guess my balls are getting tired haha
  9. scruffy with goatee, i change it up every now and then

  10. No its not a bad thread idea. I just wondered if you actually wanted to know something or was just making a thread because you were bored.

    I didn't mean to be rude, sorry to come off that way.

    But I'm 99% sure theres already a handfull of threads exactly like this on here.
  11. i am enjoying a nice beardtee half goattee half beard

    need to trim though....:D
  12. In the summer I have a more refined shaved look. I just keep a short goatee with sideburns. In the fall beginning with hunting season through winter I look like Grisly Adams.
  13. I let it all grow out for a while and then shave sideburns and neck so I just have mustache and goatee connected around my lips. Then when those get long I'll trim them. I'm rarely completely clean shaven.
  14. well, i normally have facial hair, and i do right now.. unshaven for a couple weeks, so my beard is getting pretty decent again

    but i've been going through court shit and all that, so every couple weeks i have to get all cleaned up and shave
  15. been rotating between a handlebar mustache and that chin-strap/goatee thing Crowe had in Gladiator.. but as of last week i am growing out the civil war beard

    you can't really see it, it's just a full beard without the chin (shaved all the way down) and shaved neck. i should probably not shave the neck next time for added effect :rolleyes:

  16. my shit scruffy as shit right now n my girl like it.

    I used to hate having facial hair but I have range as far as styles go.
  17. Personally I have the face of a baby, but when my facial hair starts filling out more I'm definitely rockin a beard.
  18. i'm so glad i'm not one of those guys who can't grow facial hair, if i didn't have facial hair, i'd probably look like 18
  19. Full beard or nothing!!! I keep it trimmed, but full. Until last week, I had the long hair to go with it, but now it's all short. I went from everyone calling me Jesus to Leonidas! UPGRADE!!! :cool:
  20. haha, when i had long hair and the goatee i was known as "the dude." i sometimes miss the long hair, but man, it is hard as fuck to get respect from people, besides potheads, when you've got beautiful long hair and are a guy

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