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  1. When does a male reach his maximum potential for facial hair?

    I'm german/irish , if that matters, and my father can grow a full beard no patchy problems at all.

    I can grow massive chops, a full neckbeard (lol), and the bottom half of my chin (lol!)

    I want to be able to rock a full beard :(

    i'm 19.
  2. dude ever one grows driffernt

    i hope too hell i dont get a ugly ass berd
  3. Man some people are just blessed with fast facial features. Ive had a chin strap since like 7th grade and my stache and beard connect like 9th grade. Just depends on the person.
  4. It really does just depend. I've been rocking 5 o clock shadow since I made an entrance into 6th grade, and have had a full blown goatee since 10th. I can also do a full beard, no prob, but my brother has one one those aids infested moustaches. That being said, all my facial hair is red, and I have brown hair.
  5. ^My facial hair is red as well and my beard, as well as my brother's (red too), both grew in very early. But our other brother has blonde facial hair and his took a lot longer to grow out

    Maybe it's a coincidence
  6. It mainly depends on the person. My friends dad couldnt grow a beard until he was in his early thirties, now he has a big full beard. I could grow a goatee if I didnt shave but I think it would look stupid on me and I could grow out my sideburns. Only my cheeks dont grow in that thick which sucks because thats the kind of beard I want to have.
  7. Beards weren't meant for everyone.

  8. I want to be able to grow a full beard, but i have 3 patch/bauld spots...
    I think i may try as my school year is about to start up...
  9. Just keep shaving....the more you shave, the more thick and widespread it will get

  10. sorry, but that's an old wives' tale :eek:
  11. I wouldn't shave simply to promote hair growth but seriously the more I shave my chin the faster\darker it grows.
  12. Nah...It's true...

    And thicker, too...lol

    That's why they say once you shave, you'll always have to shave
  13. What would happen if you put rogaine on your face?


  14. What makes you so sure it's true? :confused:

    A very quick google search gives a ton of results explaining that it's a myth. :poke:
  15. feels stubblier :confused_2:

    idk its just true lol

  16. It might not be true for everyone, but it was for my husband. My son is 20 and says now that he wishes he woulda never started shaving cause now he has to shave everyday and he gets really bad razor burn on his neck

    I know if I was to stop shavin my legs now, I'd probably look like a caveman...lol

    Like, I wanted to start shavin my legs when I was about 10 and my Mom kept tellin me no....she said if I shaved, it would make my hair darker and I'd have to shave from that point on...the hair on my legs was blonde then...after shaving, it came back black

    Meh...I dunno...maybe it don't work for some :confused_2:

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