Facial Hair?

Discussion in 'General' started by Heinous Anus, Mar 28, 2008.

  1. What's the point of it?

    I have a hairy face, I mean, hairy. If I don't shave for 2 weeks, I look like Grizzly Adams.

    I just shaved for the first time in 2 months. (Was sportin' a badass beard in Europe.) Had to be 15lbs of hair that fell off my face. Just getting long enough to braid and bead as well. Oh well, can't have that when you manage a restaurant.

    But, why do men have it? I'm guessing its from the origin of our species. Maybe the males were extra hairier than the females 10,000 years ago. But, why?

    If you can have a beard, go for it. But, when you have to shave everyday, it just sucks. Isn't it just so easy to say "fuck it" and just let it grow?

    Why do we have it?

    ...eh, I'm still jet-lagged, half drunk and stoned. :)
  2. Not sure why we have it but I hate shaving it, usually get razor burn on my neck. Can't stand growing it out either cause it get so damn itchy I have tried growing it out but cant last longer than a week.
  3. I don't know, I have a beard coming in I think, it wants to come in, like its begging to come in. So I may have to let it.
  4. I'm a blade guy when I shave though. If its still in the stubble stage, I can shave with a blade a lot faster than I can with an electric one.

    I've always noticed that if I shave with an electric razor and my hair is kinda long, it doesn't cut it, just pulls it out. Hurts like a bitch.
  5. I wonder why we have it to. I mean I see the purpose of having pubes and what not, but facial hair really doesn't keep anything warm on our face..
  6. I'm glad I don't have hair on my face to shave. That would be pretty annoying. Atleast if I'm too lazy to shave my legs I can just wear pants to cover them up.

    What's the point of armpit hair??
  7. Helps keep warmth in and blocks wind.
    %60 of our body heat is lost through our heads.
    Shaving daily really sucks, so do ingrown hairs.
  8. Im always rocking atleast a 5 o'clock shadow. Sometimes my face just looks a bit gamey cause' there is so much hair. Typically I stay short though. I feel naked with a shaved face..feel like a little kid.. its just not comfortable. Not to mention, I've been told many times before I look good with facial hair so I continue to grow it. ya dig?
  9. I'm growing out a goatee now and i'm loving it so far! and when i say goatee I don't mean really thick.. just really thin.
  10. I'm going to be attacked by women here but it's just too perfect not to say.

    Men have facial hair because back in the day they would leave the cave, venture into the wild, and endure the cold.

    Women stayed in the cave and took care of the children.

    Just a thought :D
  11. You may not have to shave your face..

    But you have to shave your legs.

    And that is like triple the work.
  12. I get told to shave all of the time by girls, but it doesn't fit my style. :D. I have a thickass goatee, and I like it this way, gives me authoritah.
  13. I have myself a mighty beard. Makes me look all wise and shit.

    Actually, it's just a goatee, but I are still plenty wise and suchlike, etc.
  14. Yea, I'm usually just rocking a 5 O'clock shadow. I don't really "shave" as I do just trimming it very, very close with the trimmer. Much easier on my face that way. If I shave everyday, I'll get those razor bumps and such.

    I think I understand pubes. Doesn't it carry our "musk" and natural oils from our skin? I heard something like that awhile ago...
  15. Haha facial hair giving you authority.. :cool:
  16. Also true. Sometimes when I don't shave, no one cards me and everyone at work just listens to me. Then, when I'm baby-faced, I always get asked to see my ID and people think I'm 18.

    Plus, my girl loves the facial hair. :D
  17. i waited a long time to be able to shave and now i wish my dad wasnt such a beast. . .

    i detest it and go about 5 or 6 days usually before shaving.
    when i wasnt working i let it go for almost two months. . felt great
  18. I'm always rocking sideburns, although they're not 100% thick, wich sucks.. i wish i could grow a full beard but if i try to it only grows on the chin and under it, and on the neck. nothing under the lip, above it and next to the mouth.
  19. The only facial hair I have on my face is my sideburns...if I go 2+ days without shaving I feel like someone took a pile of fire ants and threw them on my face...gotta keep that shave lookin good.
  20. lol, I know what you mean. I remember I couldn't wait to start shaving, like I was a real man. Now that I have start, I wish I hadn't.

    Yea, the males in my family have some gnarly beards. Thick and grow like weeds. Yet, we don't have much chest hair.

    I'm 22 and have the chest hair of a 14-year-old. Then, I've seen my dad at age 55 and he's just like that.

    So, I guess my genes say I'll be hairy faced, but little on my body and everywhere else. Oh well, I'll take it. Now, my youngest brother got the Gorilla gene. He's hairy. EVERYWHERE. Like thick, black gorilla hair. So much.

    Its lucky I didn't get that way...

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