Facial hair

Discussion in 'General' started by hippie john, Apr 5, 2003.


Do you have a ....

  1. Beard

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  2. Goatee

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  3. Mustache

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  4. Other

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  5. None

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  1. Do you have any? if your a bearded woman please select Other:).
  2. I just shaved my beard about an hour ago!
  3. None right now. I was thinking of growing a handlebar mustache with a chin beard (not a goatee), but I just don't want to fool with it right now. maybe I should grow a foo-man-choo....hahaha
  4. i gotta wait to grow my facial hair cause the sports team wants everyone to be clean shaven, when the season ends im gonna grow sideburns that go all the way to the bottom of my mouth and then they go up into a mustache
  5. I don't like facial hair...it's like kissing sandpaper
  6. Sorry! I have goatee type thing. Like a mustache, chin beard, and underlip kinda thing.:confused:
  7. yeah i've got a beard at the moment.....i usually just run round it with the clippers.....to a number 0.....but it just looks like stubble......i also do my head the same way.........Peace out......Sid
  8. "other"hehehe

  9. When winter comes I go fuzzy faced, can't stand a cold face, now I'm thinking of getting a buzz on and playing with the trimmer to see what kind of goat I can come up with. If I fuck it up too bad, I'll go naked faced again.
  10. i lile doin that too. see what you can make it look like and if it looks like shit, shave it all!:)
  11. im not a very hairly person (i shed more monkey dna) so its taken ages to grow what little of a goatee i got.
  12. I have can't-be-arsed-to-ever-shave stubble shit on my face. Because I can't be arsed to shave
  13. stubble now, i am lazy so i grow a beard until i feel like shaving. then i do
  14. I've been working on a mustache but I'm this close to saying fuck it and shaving it off.
  15. I've got lite sideburns and 2 days worth of a goatee just cause i was too lazy to shave everything.

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