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  1. My friend and I were baked to ass, and we went into the local hardware store to get some screens for our pipes. When my friend got done checking out I got this piece of caramel out of the bowl to buy. I give the lady the change and caramel piece to ring up. She said I didn't have enough money(I had $.28 and it cost .$49) so she hands me my change back and I accidentally put it in the caramel jar thinking it was the caramel piece. So, I take my change back out, walk out, and the lady comes running out asking if I stole something. I said,"No." So she walked back in and we started geekin' so hard.
  2. Lmao lady gets all worked up over a small caramel piece... Where I live the lady would of just gave it to you if you had only $.28 she wouldn't give a fuck.
  3. did you not count the change before going to buy it?
    should have just taken it hahaha
  4. Yeah, I had some extra change in my pocket and my friend gave me his from his previous buy and I thought I had enough, but it turned out far too short, haha.

  5. one time before me and my friend went to a basketball game at school we blazed and then went to the store to get eye drops. we had 11 dollars and the drops we wanted were 8. so we proceeded to the checkout line and then i saw 5 hour energy shots and i suggested we buy them. it was 2 for 5 dollars which meant we needed 13 dollars. but we were so high we picked them up and stood there in line for a while. then i asked him this is 8 these are 5. we have 11. is that enough. and he kept saying i bet its enough. yeah it sounds like enough. then a little while later we were still in line and i finally did the math and we stood there as we the cashier guy stared at us deciding to either get cheaper drops and the shots or just the expensive drops. your story reminded me o this. it was hilarious at the time
  6. Haha, that's hilarious.

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