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Discussion in 'General' started by Wet Horse Lips, Jun 6, 2009.

  1. Now, I don't know how many of you use FaceBook...

    But, I was reading my local paper like, a few months back... and I saw a random little article about how FaceBook/MySpace is equivalent to internet porn.

    Apparently, according to some survey that was conducted, many people use FaceBook as a means of "getting off" instead of internet porn nowadays.

    Why? Simply put, perhaps people find it more arousing and shit when they're fapping it to a picture of some girl they know in real life, compared to like, some plastic porn star ditz?

    I see what they mean. I'm not a creep or anything, but it is kind of a lot more pleasing to fap to some girl you like and then seeing them like, the next day.

  2. im going to have to agree...but i dont sit at my comp on facebook beating off like a creep..
  3. That's kinda weird. I don't see anything arousing about facebook.
  4. gonna have to go with this one :/ lol.
    i mean if you do use facebook like that, its all you bro/sis lol, count me out:hide:
  5. I masturbate on facebook all the time.
  6. i do. you got a facebook? ;)

  7. Neither do I.

    Unless someone knows more than I do........

  8. dido. why beat your meat to a girl u know in real life when you could just tell her you like her and try n make something happen. fling or a relationship. its prolly just the perverted guys doing that and that is what they are getting there info from. i kno alot of very beautiful females but i dont go jacking off to there pics. shit just aint right
  9. The only time I get turned on by facebook is when I have 3 or more friend requests.. :rolleyes:
    One time I had 8 friend requests, this is the only time I have ever blown my load to facebook.
  10. my profile picture on my facebook is me jerking it to facebook
  11. i consider myspace/facebook more of a booty call...but fappin to facebook!? that redefines the word pedo-bear.
  12. is it your O face
  13. yea ur not getting any friend request from me. lol i hope ur kidding
  14. I dunno about anyone else but a fully clothed girl or even a naked girl standing there isn't enough to get me aroused enough to beat off. I need hardcore fuck action on the screen.
  15. I thinking I might be a fan of the wrong stuff on facebook, because I don't get it :confused:
  16. Gotta go "check" my facebook, brb.:ey:
  17. just try not to bust a nut out the window like highhaze:D
  18. What's porn?

    I have always masturbation was the purpose of facebook...
  19. there are some hot ass pictures of girls i know. i cant bring myself to do it tho. just cant. feels to grimy.

  20. same. like, i COULD do it, but i would feel like a complete creep the whole time.
    nope, porn it is.

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