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  1. Check out this kids info. LOL

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  2. lol typical stoner.
  3. Well hes a fan of funkadelic... So he has that going for him.
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    cant stop laughing
  5. doesn't sound like a stoner to me, sounds more like an alcoholic, lol
  6. sounds like a tool with good taste in music
  7. i actually know this kid and you guys are both right, LOL
  8. dont know if hes a tool or what ...but since hes so into alcohol he should know how to spell Jägermeister correctly..:rolleyes:

  9. I LOLed at 'any old school Nickelodeon'

    Since when is Nickelodeon 'old school' :confused_2::laughing:
  10. Not a stoner, drunken moron maybe?
  11. He also likes cheap Australian wines and has horrible taste in beer.
  12. Hey just checked out your thread in smoking and usage, nice bud. I admire you for growing your own wish i could. One question, you Aussie? Or just know the wines?
  13. Well, I'm guessing he is a white teenage/twentysomething BRO.
  14. Oh no! Not a BRO!!!

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3zvTRQr7ns8"]YouTube - Bro Rape: A Newsline Investigative Report[/ame]

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