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  1. So what are some tips you guys have for increasing likes on Facebook pages or blogs and comments and what not? I can not get past this 1,000 likes on FB for my page. http://www.facebook.com/whyismjillegal.
    Any tips or suggestions on how to gain more without having to spam or without having to pay money. I know it can be done and I know the obvious is quality content that will get people to like your page or to view your blog but I find that allot of pages that do get views are the ones that are lies explaining how to get money for free and stuff... I don't get why people follow that type of stuff knowing most of that type of content is generally fake or a scam.

  2. For Facebook I just post a lot of pictures some on our local buy and sell group. @chickenjewel photography

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  3. show cleavage
  4. Unfortunately that does work

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  5. <-- Network with others that have similar interest.
  6. Ask other groups and pages with similar interests if they would be interested in putting your page out there in return for you doing the same. Join, like, retweet, etc, similar networks. People usually share things you post if it reaches out to their interests. It can be a slow process but give people things of interest to read and share and it can soon spread. Sharing news related stories and updates gives people something to read and come over to your page to look at and spread their views by sharing. It's all about connecting with people and networks with similar interests.
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    Guerrilla marketing and connecting with your demographic. If your page is for stoners post and share privately with people on counterculture websites. If your page is about music, connect to local musicians and give shine to the ones you think are very good- let the page spread organically through word of mouth and mutual appreciation.

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