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Facebook Kids Claim

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by LovingTree, Nov 21, 2011.

  1. "I know it aint my business but if you had anxiety disorder you should see a doctor. Theres regular prescribed medicine for that. Medicines that increase the amount of serotonin produced in the brain. Stuff like that. Same with insomnia. And we all have stress. Like, easy said easy done."

    This is in regards to a post made about Marijuana. Some people actually had the nerve to like that post, and back up what he said. He's claiming serotonin boosters are better lolololol :smoke:

    He then proceeds to say,

    Of course those who just LOVE marijuana and getting fucked up are gonna be biased and back it up til the last breath. Its a lost cause. Its like religion. Endless conflict."

    Damn.... is he right?
  2. Yeah, he is right. People just love getting blasted. I am not being sarcastic. There is other medicine out there to treat anxiety which is much more effective, and there is MUCH more evidence to support that it is more effective. People just love getting blasted and claim it helps their lifestyle.
  3. and it does for some of those people though. Also you can apply some of the logic he said to the exact opposite... people who are anti-mj are also gonna be biased and back it up to the last breath.

    really it's a never ending argument... it feels good getting high, so your bodies gonna want you to do it(not like an addiction though, not sure how to explain it)
  4. Well that is just for anxiety. Medicinal marijuana can treat much more than that, plus some anxiety patients don't want to rely on synthetic drugs but would much rather smoke a naturally growing plant.
  5. He has a point, but many people despise the pharmaceutical industry and do not want to be all pilled out all the time. In the end, people should have a choice in which therapeutic method they choose, whether it may or may not be helping. It's our right, but we live in the USA where there aren't many rights left.. so maybe it isn't our right!
  6. This really is the never ending argument... I that 70% of the times, people do just want to get blasted and use medicine to cover it up. Of course there are those who greatly benefit from weed.
    But, then it just comes down to, why cant it be legal to get blasted? It really wouldn't hurt anyone at all.
  7. Getting blasted can relieve anxiety ;)

    I realize it doesn't for everyone, but those SSRIs (etc) don't relieve anxiety for everyone either. Different strokes for different folks...or something like that :cool:
  8. Hey, last time I took a pill for my "clinical depression" I was about ready to commit suicide.

    Can't remember the last time weed did that.
  9. The real question is: Did the weed help your depression more, or just as much, as the pills that you took?
  10. Also compare the side effects of weed and a synthetic drug.
  11. I went through a long adiction to sleeping pills.& it made me feel like shit. Marijuana helped me sooo much, you have no idea.
  12. weed is such a different drug though. It can't be compared to other drugs here is why:

    +It is a social drug first off. You smoke with people, talk, laugh, have fun, meet lots of new people and maybe make some friends. This alone makes it 10000x better than the shitty pills people take.
    +It does not have harmful side effects like these other drugs do. It doesn't cause suicidal thoughts, seizures, nose bleeds, diarrhea (although sometimes we all feel like we crapped ourselves lol) and so on.
    +YOU GET HIGH!!! It puts you in a great state of mind and if you want you get to reflect on life in that state of mind. Looking at yourself from above if you will. It "frees" your thoughts for a few to several hours. This is also one of the top reasons I believe weed to be better than pills. Pills do not get you high, and therefore do not allow you the freedom weed does.
  13. If the pills made him want to commit suicide and the weed doesn' you need to ask that question?

    As far as the Facebook guy goes - it's just his opinion. Unless he is involved in research, it's just words. Perhaps that is his experience, but that doesn't make it true for everyone. We don't know the full capabilities of the plant because of it's current legal status.

    Are you working with a doctor of some type for your anxiety? Have you tried other meds? How did they work for you, if so? No one but you will know which is more effective.
  14. OMG...been there and done that. Ambien is a bitch to kill especially working graveyard >.<
  15. #15 mushroomsatsuji, Nov 21, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Nov 21, 2011
    Yes he is right. There are drugs designed for that purpose. Weed is a hit or miss. It may make it better for some, but others it will make it way worse

    But what about the other people that it doesnt do that to?
    Those are rare side-effects. Ive never had any of those on any drug like that
    Some people dont want to be high. Ill leave it at that
  16. who gets "fucked up" from marijuana?

  17. Those people who smoke too much too fast and black out from a lot of THC and CBD at once. :smoking: :smoking: :smoking: :smoking: :bongin: :D
  18. The pills put thoughts that weren't my own into my head, it's like the pills made it so that I could not even think positively anymore. I only focused on negative things, and harmed myself all the time.

    After starting to smoke, I stopped harming myself and haven't gotten depressed nearly as often.

    Remember, my doctor told me not to do that, but to keep trying the pills for even longer. :smoke:
  19. [quote name='"2FootBong"']who gets "fucked up" from marijuana?[/quote]

    Um... I do
  20. From my own perspective, I don't understand at all how marijuana could prevent anxiety. If anything it makes me nervous/sketchy as fuck in situations where most people would be prone to anxiety

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