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Facebook group deserves slap in face

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by THCMaksMeHungry, May 26, 2010.

  1. I found this on a "Not smoking pot" group on facebook. Does this shit infuriate anyone else? How fucking STUPID and IGNORANT do you have to be to compare two things like this? Stupid liberal brainwashed fuckheads.


  2. Liberal? Nevr heard anyone say that about antimarijuana people. Normally people call them conservative. You a republican?

    But to answer your question yes it does infuriate me. But there's nothing we can do about it.
  3. Yes I am republican, i guess i didn't really mean liberal, I was just spewing, but you get the picture.

  4. hahah

  5. IT'S cool. Good to know there's another republican on this site. There aren't many of us that smoke (not that I know anyways).
  6. Well, obviously hating gays is a lot more wrong than hating pot, but both are indeed wrong.
  7. The fact that they call it pot infuriates me enough....Cannabis, Herb, La Yerba Buena, Sensi. There's tons more names that I'd prefer :)

    So are you upset that they hate pot, or that that poster compared hating pot to hating gays? I'm confused.

    I think both are dumb, hating pot for no reason. I'm sure they hate it because of the "terrible things" it does to people, but then its THOSE people who they should hate. Its their own personal decisions to use it, so hating the Ganja holds no basis.

    Silly facebook group, the herb is for kids :)

  8. I live in Seattle so I'm used to being a one and only republican. Thumbs up to you my friend.
  9. i really hate the word pot too. almost as much as when people refer to it as dope
  10. Most of the people who join those groups smoke, fyi.
  11. Regardless of the fact that these people are ignorant in their hate for marijuana, who the fuck agrees that it's "ok" to hate the gays. Something tells me that whoever started the group has much deeper issues than how they feel about weed.
  12. Yo look at it from my point of view.........Weed=Love, but They hate Weed so they hate Love, so is they hate love that hate Gay love so in conclusion

    Weed=Love FBG=Facebookgroup Hate=Hate Gay People = Gay Love

    FBG-Weed= Hate / Gay love = More Hate
  13. The thing that puzzles me is how come he said hating pot is wrong but hating gays is ok, Someone must have said something about gays? Either way both are wrong.
  14. Most join to bash.

    The others, not so much...
  15. Every time there's a good cause (ie. legalizing marijuana) they'll be someone against it. Don't pay attention to these idiots...just laugh at them when they die from lung cancer or cirrhosis of the liver :)
  16. It's funny reading them destroy the group wall with things like "Smoke blunts everyday!" "Bong hits 4 Jesus".. you know, the usual.
  17. the reason why society is crumbling? people hating on such trivial things as flowers and facebook groups....

    ill be here all week.
  18. Why did you give me an idea?!?! Now I'm gonna go ruin a few anti-pot groups
  19. He's just a troll looking to get some of us pissed off. He seems to be doing a damn good job. If he wants to be ignorant let him, i don't want him smokin my weed if he is a dumbass anyway.
  20. Read all the comments and you won't be pissed. Everyone in that group smokes and joined just to post shit like "Smoke weed everyday" and "i got the munchies" in the comments lol. He even made a post saying "If you are a fan of smoking pot, join a fan of smoking pot" because no one takes his group seriously.

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