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  1. So, are you on face book. if you are or want to add people from here as friend just post below that you are on facebook. We can pm each other are names.
  2. I feel like this is a cop...
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    never trust the internet kiddos
  4. A cop, now that is funny
  5. I don't know that this is in the correct thread.
    Can't we all just be friends on here :confused:
    If you're looking to befriend glass geeks specifically there are other forums for that which I will gladly PM you the links of if you'd really like.
  6. the whole thing was, you didnt have to use your real name. You could set up a account with like the name you use here. So many people ask questions that can not all be replied to here. This would just be another way people could ask without going thru the whole pm thing with a bunch of different people. Just thought it would be easier on all.
    no biggie

  7. Ahh I gotcha
  8. try these again here. I took a few quick pictures since the sun came out for a few.
    We havent seen it much lately
  9. ^Showmeglass? ;)

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