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    There's a girl in one of my classes and we've never formally met (never exchanged names or anything). I do know her name because the professor calls it out when handing back work. There's 1 class left and it's a final test which is optional.

    Should I:

    A) Hope she goes to that optional final and grow some balls and talk to her
    *High chance she might not be there.


    B) Add her to facebook, tell her we're in the same class and ask her when the final is etc. If she responds and goes to the optional final, it'll be pretty easy to talk to her.

    EDIT: college
  2. only advice here...grow a pair man if not then maybe try the facebook approach
  3. if she doesn't like you she might think its creepy I don't know.

    plus facebook is stupid if you add her to facebook and don't see her again and don't talk to her wtf would you do ask her out on facebook? that would never work.

  4. Grab your balls and ask her in person. If you tell her on facebook you guys are in the same class, i bet she'll wonder why you didn't say something in person. Plus it is kinda creepy.

    Asking her in person is good because then you have a reason to add her to facebook. Ex-nay the reepiness-cay.
  5. And what if she isn't there? On to the next one?

    Need a female's perspective: would it still be creepy if she was interested? I'm very sure this girl is attracted to me.
  6. If she ends up going to the final, before the start of it go up to her and introduce yourself, something along the lines of "So we've been in this class together all semester and I have yet to introduce myself, I'm ____" Then wish her good luck on the final, and suggest getting a bite to eat or something to drink afterwords.

    If she doesn't show up for the final go ahead and add her on FB. If you happen to catch her online (or even in a comment) just message her something like "Hey you were in my ____ class. Smart choice not showing up for the final, it sucked." Or something like that to start a convo.

    Neither of those would be creepy and they both show her that you're interested, or at least that you pay attention to her.

  7. that sounds uber creepy to me. so if option one falls through and she doesnt talk to you after that you add her on facebook and try again?

    to be honest, id talk to her about the weather and then add her on facebook and be like "wait werent you the one i talked to in such and such a class today?"

    easy peasy from there.
  8. Reread. He wants to know what to do if she doesn't show up for the final, causing him to miss his chance of talking to her, thus going to FB for option number 2.
  9. if you really think shes attracted to you then just add her.
  10. does she know your name?

    you said you are very sure she is attracted to you so just bank on her being at the final. The hard thing is whether you both finish at the same time and if she hangs around or not....

  11. go for this:
    add her on facebook, tell her you are in the same class and be completely unabashed and tell her you are a little shy and are just now growing a pair of balls, but you were wondering if she was planning on taking that test and that after you are done then you would like to hang out and maybe have lunch of dinner or something before everyone goes home for the summer.

    if she isnt going then ask her if she would like to have lunch anyways.
  12. Facebook is lame. Just talk to her.
  13. Yeah I know it's a lot better if I talk to her in real life rather than facebook. People seem to overlook the fact that she might not be at that final class.

    Thanks infinityplus1; i'll keep your advice in mind.

    I'm unsure about this haha.
  14. ok well if you cant do that then you more than likely are going to fail. thats the easiest process as i can see it. the only for sure way she wouldnt be able to miss your advances.

    i mean whats the difference and why dont you think it would work?

    thing is you dont know if it would cuz if you did know then you wouldnt be asking a question about how you should approach someone.

    this kind of thing used to work for me all the time when i was in high school. coming up on 10 years ago. before myspace or facebook were even thought up. back when we were still passing notes saying, do you like me? yes/no.

    honesty and modesty are the best ways to get on someones good side.
  15. I didn't say I don't think it would work. I meant that I'm actually considering your approach. Thanks.

    I forgot to mention, I'm in college.
  16. well when you say you are unsure, that means that you are kind of skeptical about it and not sure that it would work.

    maybe your choice of word was just not on point. and i figured you were in college. being as this is finals week and everyone having this sort of thing happening
  17. the facebook shit works. ive pretty much done the same thing. i added a chick that was in my class, talked to her a few times on fb chat, we exchanged numbers and we texted eachother for a while, and now we sit next to eachother in class. just go for it man especially since you have one class left.
  18. Did you talk to her in person before adding her to fb?
  19. naw she always sat in the front row and i sat in the back.
  20. She rejected the friend request. This will be awkward as hell if I ever have anymore classes with her.

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