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  1. Im curious folk, do you guys jave co-workers or supervisors as your friends on fb? I try not add work friends because that leads supervisors to think you want all your work peeps on your friends list. To be honest, I could prolly get fired sometime for my frustrative vents I post as discussions. So I try not to add supervisors. Plus I dont like having to "censor" my page so that my "likes" arent suggested to the wrong ppl. If I add a supervisor, I add them so they know we're cool, but a momth or so later I delete them. So they hopefully dont notice.

    Another issue, I created a page for my mom so she could see her great grand kids pics. Well my neice pitches a fit because the profile pic is with grandma and great grandson. Its the only good pic she had. My neice is of the perspective that they can tell other people too NOT use their kids in profile pics. I told her its her gma and to stfu. My mom has zero friends outside of the family in her page and its locked down. I think the lil bitch is bein narcisistic and pretentious aboit the whole situation. She even played the "you're not a parent, so you wouldnt understand card" with me. Which I smacked that shit down quick.

    Input, opinions, awesome asshole comments and gifs welcome. Just want some perspective on how ya'll handle the same type of situations.
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    A proud g. grandmother can't show off pictures of her g. grandkids?

    What's the world come to? I mean really? Isn't it a complement, at the end of the day?

    I very rarely add work collegues as the internet is still not all that common in peoples homes, in the countryside. School and university friends mostly.

    FB and me have reached a sort of apathetic standoff, I hardly ever go on there, maybe once a month, or if I see someone sent something to me...

    edit, I probably give more thought to people on GC than I do most of my old schoolfriends, if i'm honest.
  3. seems like its much easier to just not have a FB. All it is, is a lot of unneeded drama.
    I have one, but its not under my real name, so If a coworker was to search for me, he wouldnt find anything. I dont really have much to say about fb besides its a good tool for keepin up to date with people, but thats what I have a cell phone for.

  4. Try saying fb is useless to a 14yr old
  5. I got really high and made a second Facebook page one day for what I called my alter ego. Basically whatever crazy shit you wanna put do it under the alter ego, and keep the other page for face.

    Then I realized this was dumb and stopped using Facebook just about altogether, with a random bored moment leading to an update.

    Why is it so important for you to have to like certain pages?
  6. Use google+ and put all your work mates in there own circle!
  7. I use facebook for 2 reasons.

    1) Keeping in touch with family and friends
    2) Pot Farm

  8. Do you use google+ if you do you should def hook me up a inv
  9. I haven't had a job yet so I can't reply. But I have considered adding professors/ta's and past high school teachers...but never did.
  10. I was really hesitant about adding co-workers on facebook. It forced me to organize everyone to groups (family, ski buddies, friends, co-workers, other). Click on the lock next to the share button, then click "custom". From there, you can filter who sees things you share.
  11. I generally dont add people to FB that I work with, or I only do if I know they are cool and open minded. If you add one person at work, then some one else wants to get added, and then your boss wants to get added... lol
    I thought on FB you can set different groups, so certain groups of people only see certain posts. I never cared enought to look into it.
  12. Kids will be kids.

    But on FB there is no family added minus my brother, I don't feel the need to add anyone in my family because if I did add them they would pretty much take over my Facebook. Believe me I've seen it. And as for supervisors, you shouldn't be expected to add them unless you plan on contacting them outside of work.
  13. If your neice is legal just give her a shag and tell her to stop being a lil B**ch about it.
    Peace x

  14. ^^^ aha i never new you could filter stuff :) thankyou ima do that now and nblock like 30 friends of the family hahaha! CHEEERS!
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    FB is what YOU make of it. In of itself it's just a tool. Those who use it POORLY will have a negative experience.

    I don't add ANYONE I don't know PERSONALLY on FB. And I don't share things that I wouldn't want any of those people to read. Pretty simple. I also have separate lists for selective sharing as well.

    I also have my privacy settings set so that ONLY my friends can see my stuff...I share what I want to share and don't share what I don't want to share. It's pretty simple.

    As for games - I have a separate account that I use EXCLUSIVELY for games, with an alter-ego. I don't share anything social on there. Every "personal" detail is made up, and I rarely converse. I also will add ANYONE on there for the purpose of getting more gifts in games.

    That's why that account has over 300 friends, and my actual, real profile only has 100+
  16. I had an awkward facebook moment yesterday at work.

    Annoying chick no one likes: "Hey, I tried adding you like a week ago on facebook, whats up with that?"

    "Yeah, I don't use facebook anymore, I switched over to google+"

    I do not add anyone from work. EVER. Its called job security.
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    Thanks for the input so far. Ill add her reason for not using a baby pic was "its something we ask everyone". I suppose I should take down the pics I have up that she has sent me at home also. Since my friends come over and see those too and she prolly shouldnt take her kids outside of the house either. I swear, that northen cali mentality has gotten to her head.

    As for the fb, im considering the alter ego page. Some of my coworkers are a lil fragile of my true beliefs on things.

    I havent really checked out google+, how is it different from fb? If anyone cares to explian.
  18. The Google+ Project


    You share different things with different people. But sharing the right stuff with the right people shouldn't be a hassle. Circles makes it easy to put your friends from Saturday night in one circle, your parents in another, and your boss in a circle by himself, just like real life.
  19. I only add work friends after I no longer work there.
  20. I ended up deleting all of my work friends and ignoring my bosses friend request. If he asks , im gonna claim the switching over to google + line. I hope it doesnt cost me a raise I was in line for.

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