Facebook cofounder Backs Prop 19, questions "Just Say Now" Censorship

Discussion in 'Marijuana Legalization' started by Ungutus, Oct 6, 2010.

  1. Fuck he gave a nice lump!
  2. buuuuump
  3. everybody post on facebook yes on prop19

  4. For sure. Gotta get as much attention as possible.
  5. I hope Zuckerberg donates too, because that would certainly get all over the news.
  6. I think it kinda doesn't matter, because they are 2/3 of the founders They kinda still rep facebook ya know? But yeah, if Zukerberg did it will literally be everywhere.

  7. Yeah that's what I'm saying, Parker and Moskovitz might get a brief mention on the news but if Zuckerberg donates it'll be front page news. Just look at his donation to the Newark school system, that got an insane amount of coverage.
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    A lot of coverage was because that donation was an obvious PR strategy after coverage of his law suits popped up.

    That and HP is a pretty big news org, and the top of their home page is a double size picture of a few nice sensi buds :D sooo I'm not sure the prop needs much more publicity, altho more never hurts. (The article just got 500 new comments in the past 5 minutes. Articles don't usually get more than 1500 in 3 days!)

  9. Haha yeah I definitely agree with you on that. I don't see the buds at the top of the page though... am I overlooking something?
  10. Their home page, click the masthead, should take you home.

  11. Haha DAMN! That's an attention grabber!

  12. that was 100 million dollars though.

  13. True, but Prop 19 is a very controversial issue. For such an influential figure to donate ANY money towards legalization, I guarantee it would be news-worthy.
  14. Imagine if prop 19 was given 100 million dollars. Oh the shit storm from the prohibitionists would be astronomical.
  15. yes, an utter shitastrophe, and I i like it; the only time I've ever backed something so shitty:rolleyes::D

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