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Discussion in 'General' started by overheatedmud, Nov 29, 2011.

  1. So I was scrolling down my news feed on facebook today and saw a picture this girl posted of some bud in those tiny bags they use for small amounts of drugs. Then this person posted a comment saying that it's a "coke bag". Then they got into an argument about whether it's a "coke bag" or "bud bag". Apparently in Philly it's a "coke bag" and where I live in NY, it's a "bud bag". It just amazes me how people can argue about what belongs in tiny ziplock bags. I could put skittles in there, does that make it a skittle bag? And then the person that called it a coke bag said something about how in Philly they keep weed in jars and not in bags. Then this guy that was on the bud bag girls side said that they only put it in jars in Cali. So I guess only the people in Cali are fancy enough to keep their weed in jars instead of bags. This whole thing lasted 60 fucking comments. And in those comments, the girl calling it a bud bag kept saying how she pushed "drop" (coke) so she should know. And threatened to "go ******" about twenty times on the person who said it was a coke bag. The stupidity of some people really amazes me sometimes.
  2. Why are people posting pictures of themselves holding bags of weed on facebook ? Straight Derpin' on her part, same with admitting she sold coke. Peeps be stupid yo...
  3. yea lol prolly one of those dumb poser stoner bitches haha
  4. Yeah she has a whole album named "bud game". It's all just pictures of dime bags or her smoking. I think she thinks she's cool for selling coke because "she makes the bread" from it.
  5. damn bro i dont get why people even post that kinda shit on their facebook to begin with
  6. Where I live, I think they call it a plastic bag.
  7. People will start drama for no reason on Facebook, that's why I deactivated it and if I were her I wouldn't post anything weed related on the net, it can be used against her.
  8. Facebook is for queers twitters where the fuck it's at
  9. Gotta love the ego and what it can do to some people...especially if they're dumbasses. Where I come from I just call it the no-life choker.

    As for them arguing about drugs...that's hilarious. Don't they know that over 10k people got busted via FB just this year? I mean, in the terms of agreement on the site it says that everything you post on there - EVERYTHING - is stored in a database and belongs to facebook. So...it makes me wonder, doesn't anybody read the terms of agreement? I mean even if you delete your profile everything you had on there is saved and can be used against you in some way or form.
  10. People who post illegal activities on Facebook are stupid. Even more retarded when people use Facebook to argue or show their misguided know-how (or lack thereof).

    At least you guys don't have people watching your Facebook to judge or mock what you say or do on a regular basis. Or do you?
  11. I probably do; but then again, I throw bait out there to offend people or make them say "WTF?" It really entertains me and the people who know what I'm doing.

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