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Discussion in 'General' started by KingPins, Aug 30, 2007.

  1. Almost the same can be said of just surfing the web. Still, sort of scary to think that nobody is "off the grid" really.
  2. I was more scared about the number of government officials involved with the website. and about the information agency.
  3. this is exactly why i deleted mine about 6 months ago, i knew this type of shit would start happening. It happens every day around us. IMO, even the red light cameras that are popping up in my area are at a possible breach of privacy, however no one ever does anything about these.

    I understand i may have a bit of bias, but i feel that the government puts these types of things in place to make us feel more secure, and with enough time, they will have chips in humans, vehicles, etc in order to "maximize productivity" and report information. people that think this is a bad idea will be fired or "asked to resign" or no longer receive funding for their campaigns if they stray from this norm.

    What am I getting at?
    I feel that over time, these breaches in privacy will seem normal to society and anyone questioning these has something to hide. Not good, IMO.

    I've quoted this here on these forums many times, and will use it again...

    Any society that would give up a little liberty to gain a little security will deserve neither and lose both. - Benjamin Franklin
  4. So the government knows that I surf the web and look at porn, post on a forum dedicated to the use of marijuana, some of my favorite movies are stoner movies, see that my credit is 5 points from perfect...blahh ...blah.. blah... who cares. Its been going on for years.. whats new? You cant stop them. They have probably just logged this post within this thread, and profiled me, under the category "possible threat to national security for radical views"
  5. you will soon fall victim to the united state's war on florida.
  6. The government is breeding aliens which shall enslave the human race.

    Seriously though bro, a presentation like that one only appeals to the non-internet savvy users of the web. I assure you, common sense and slight caution would overcome all obstacles proposed in the video.

    But that's just my biased two cents.
    I'll continue to be a myspace addict thank you =]
  7. Almost any terms of service you agree to today is going to have something along those lines. Your best bet is to not publish information that may be used against you by the government, parents, freinds and acquaintences, schools, employees current or potential, etc, etc. It's your responsibility to assess how safe you are, because you surely can not count on these large organizations or the government to protect your privacy.
  8. So the government has become just like God. Another omniscient and all-powerful entity that ultimately cares about me sitting half-naked in front of the computer, drooling on my vaseline-slathered genitals.
  9. Anybody read the Grasscity TOS?

    Rummy owns all your first born sons.
  10. i mean, i already registered for facebook way before i saw this video, so its not like my info isnt there already. i dont really care who sees my shit, its not like id hide any of that info from anyone anyway. and if anyone wants to steal my identity or shit, go ahead, i aint got nothin to steal.

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