facebook..a little scary..

Discussion in 'General' started by Tootsie ~ blue, Jul 23, 2007.

  1. <tt>Just watched this.. I personally don't actually have a facebook but most of the people I know do. This kinda freaked me out a little bit though..
    haha sorry stoners, just another reason to be paranoid ;)

  2. wow...REMOVES ALL INFO FROM FACEBOOK PAGE...thanks for the heads up tootsie!
  3. To bad I already put my info up, they already have it, no point taking it down now.

  4. I have no sound. Can somebody tell me the details of this video?
  5. They know you touch yourself at night.
  6. rofl :hello:
  7. stuff that anyone with common sense would have concluded before making one.
  8. Holy Shit! They're all going to know we're listening to Jack Johnson and reading Catcher in the Rye!

    We're fucking doomed!
  9. I already figured most of that before i ever made the account. Just have to be careful about what information you put on the internet about yourself is all, no need to be paranoid ;)
  10. Try reading the myspace user agreement:D they own every picture you put on there
  11. i already figured this out. as long as you dont post shit like im gonna build a bomb and blow up the white house, im sure they care little about what your doing.
  12. QFT. Besides, IMO, the benefits of social networking far outweigh the one downside that you have to make information public. You get to choose which information you make public, so it really comes down to being informed as to what impact information you post on public social networking sites can have on your life.
  13. Just don't post stupid shit, I never had a facebook, I have a myspace too, just to keep in touch with friends I don't get to see that much anymore. I don't care if they own every picture of mine, actually I could give a flying fuck. But if people here have facebook, just delete it.
  14. hahahahaha +rep, because I read two threads back to back that have excellent posts by you Foniac.
  15. Haha ya foniac's line was great. I hate seedy corporations though. End User Agreements basically make up the definition of "violations of civil rights"...try reading your credit card agreements sometime, it is ridiculous what they can do with your information

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