Face to Face with the Man Upstairs

Discussion in 'General' started by Thessentials, Aug 10, 2011.

  1. If you hypothetically met God what would be the first thing you would say to him.

    Oh my God, you're God! Wanna smoke? One sec, I got God's Gift on me somewhere *searches pockets*
  2. Yo what the fuck happened to 'Undergrads?'
  3. Why do you hate us?

    edit: What Capslock Bandit said.
  4. "uh.... Uhmm........ Uh..." Id be speachless
  5. I'd give him the finger and tell him to fuck off.
  6. (Lean over rail in heaven) "Yo you bible huggin sunday wastin lunatics were right!"
  7. I am fearless and know everything there is to know about life.

    I enjoy many deli products, and boars head is top quality shit
  8. so you were real all along. shit dint see that one coming, but fuck you. *walks away*
  9. I dont follow, why dont you try making some fucking sense and post something relevant to the conversation, we are talking deli meats up in this bitch
  10. "Where the FUCK were you when I needed you most"
  11. Haha damn.... so you ARE real..........
  12. what is the point of praying for something if you're all knowing? how could a human possibly influence any of your decisions if you're a god. even if they could, why prayer? couldn't you just read their thoughts?

    why is the bible so poorly written?

    why did you have to sacrifice jesus for our sins? why not just forgive us? and since you're all powerful and could reincarnate him at any time, could it even be called a sacrifice?

    why send someone to hell for something that wasn't their fault, such as being born into the wrong religion, having never heard of christianity.

    if there is such a thing as a soul, why do we have brains? what is the purpose of a soul?

    why bury dinosaur bones on earth? just to fuck with us?

    if there is really no such thing as evolution, why include so much proof of it?

    why were you angry and violent in the old testament and kind in the new? since you changed your ways, wouldn't that suggest that you were originally wrong? i was under the impression that god couldn't be wrong.

    oh wait, i forgot. god doesn't exist
  13. alright well if your real let me some fucking heavenly buds
  14. Do you view humanity as one of your greatest creations? Are you proud of creating us?
  15. aliens bro? where are they? seriously
  16. Who is your daddy and what does he do.

  17. "Got any weed?"
  18. you know if you think about it,

    we are aliens to other planets with life forms.
  19. Who put mushrooms in my fucking food -.-

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