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Face ageing

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Azara780, May 4, 2016.

  1. Hey guys , so I've been a seasoned toker since high school. This past year I was hitting it real hard and I noticed I have these dark ass circles (especially when you look from the side of my face ) and my eyelids puffy. So I decided to quick , I quick almost three weeks ago and my face still looks like a 30 year old heroine addict ( im 23 ).
    Did pot age my face permanently?
  2. No, bags under eyes can be caused by many things: lack of sleep, lack of water, iron deficiency etc. Go get a checkup at a doctor and stop blaming weed
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    I'm 50 and I look like I'm much younger. It has to do with a ton of things. Stress, too much sun damage, what you eat and drink, how much and how well you sleep but for most the biggest thing is genes. If you smoke constantly then that might make a difference but most people do not come close to smoking enough pot alone to make a noticeable difference. If you smoke cigs too then yeah I would buy smoking cigs makes you look older sooner.

    Look at relatives if they have dark circles like yours then it's probably hereditary, I bet you see that in someone else in your family.

    I recall a school mate that had incredibly dark circles and bags under his eyes when we were teenagers his dad looked the same way but worse.
  4. I'm in my mid thirties and have been a daily toker for nearly 20 years. If I shave I still look like a teenager. Weed definitely has not aged me.

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  5. Huh, thanks guys
    I haven't noticed them before smoking as heavy as I have the pass year. I was too the point were I was starting to feel burnt out and I'm only 23
    I'm extremely healthy I workout , drink plenty of water. I don't eat any sugars I'm actually trying to gain muscle mass right now
    I'll just keep off it and see if they improve , I feel like I've had bags before from weed but they have dissipated before the 3 week mark.. weird
  6. Probably is hereditary, my dad use to be a massive stoner. Just dug up some old photos of my pops from back in the day and he looks like he just smoked 5 bowls before that picture hah
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