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fabric/car seat upholstery repair kit...my summary

Discussion in 'General' started by sirseedymcseed, Apr 3, 2005.

  1. ok, i don't feel like retelling the story but a little ways back my backseat got a burn hole in it. a fat crater. i couldn't just leave it there so i looked at all my options. i decided to try one of those cheap fabric/upholstery/seat repair kits. i was very, very skeptical, but what's the worst that could happen. the seat was already fucked anyway.

    well, i was pleasantly surprised at just how much the kit did.

    i got mine from amazon.com, it was an offproduct from the makers of liquid leather. it took forever to get here so i gave them average feedback. but the product did work somewhat successfully. all error was my fault.

    anyway. i took the towel off the burn hole that was covering it and examined what i had to do. i clipped off the burnt edges of the hole. the sides of the crater were a rubbery black from the burn. the inside was foamy. i cut off the rubbery looking burn sides. i plugged the hole with cotton and smoothed it out so it wouldn't be too lumpy. then i cut the little piece of fabric the kit gave me and stuffed it inside the hole. i then poured one of the little containers of the adhesive glue liquid. at this point i was pissed. it looked bad, real bad and i didn't know if it was gonna work. i was looking at the color chart and there were no visuals to go by so i had to hope 'grey' was the color of my seats. wrong, it was more charcoal-colored. took the hard way to figure that out. anyway. after the first layer of glue dried, my dumbass forgot to put the second layer on. i started putting the fabric colors on, then realized i forgot the glue. i took the most off i could. then i put the rest of the glue. it spilled onto my seat and i made a huge gluey mess. but then i dumped the fabric mix onto all the white. the color blended fairly well but i was terrible at mixing the colors.

    the directions were vague and i had to sit there and hope it worked. it's definitely noticeable. but it looks 10x better than a burnhole. i recommend this kit to anyone who needs a quick fix for a burnhole or fabric repair. i don't know if i'm gonna leave it, get a seat cover of some kind (maybe a nice waterproof black one), or just eventually have a professional fix it. but it does work.

    advice: do this when you have plenty of time and are in no hurry. be careful. and don't spill the glue/fabric. it's messy and irritating.

    if you find this useful, good. if not, don't post some asshole comment that doesn't contribute to anything. i just thought i would post my experience with the kit to let anyone else possibly wondering whether or not it worked.

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