Fable 3 For Free On Xbox Live Market Place.

Discussion in 'Gamer's Heartbeat' started by nima87, Jun 10, 2013.

  1. download the game while its there it could be a screw-up at Microsoft or it could because Sony gave out over 10 free games to owners of playstation plus.  :hello:

  2. Thanks! I did not know about this.
  3. shit I keep getting an error
  4. so is halo 3 and assasins creed 2 apparently.  Part of their xbox one thing they got goin.
  5. try downloading it through xbox.com. if that doesnt work im sorry :(
  6. FYI, fable 3 is like the fucking shittiest game in existence, the content is fun but it ain't geared towards friendly play. 
  7. Yeah keep getting an error message, but when I put the error code into the Microsoft search engine it pops up nothing.
    Seems like its an error/glitch. I was still looking forward to playing Fable 3, even though 2 was a disappointment.
  8. wtf this shit ain't working
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    yea I've tried it on the xbox and online, but says I cant.
    btw ac2 and halo 3 still costs, seems they wont be free til july 1
  10. that x shit worked for me, havent played fable 3 since it came out, should be nice to get back to it especially since I dont really remember much of the story.

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