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  1. The fastest I've ever downloaded a file was around 150 kb/s. Well.. this was from just a minute ago.. says enough. It went from 12% to 94% in like.. seconds. btw, the file is 223.95 MB. All I could say was.. wow :)

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  2. 4550kbs thats just crazy man

    do you have a link i must try =)
  3. I was d/ling a demo from IGN.com and it was all of the sudden BOOM. super fast. If you want, you can d/l Download Accelerator Plus. I think it might just work :)
  4. Download Accelerator Plus is the shit...I use it all the time.
  5. It says resume supported, you probably already had some of it, and it just shot up real quickly when it realized that. The chances of you downloading at 4mbyte/sec when the max you ever get is 150kbyte/sec is basically 0.

    Also just noticed that you were downloading from yourself. is your local host.... Thats why you got 4mbyte/sec....
  6. um.. no. I was downloading a demo from IGN.com. I will provide a link...


    Deus Ex: Invisible War Demo

    Wow.. I got accused of some crazy stuff while I'm at work. But yea. It was IGN as God as my witness that I was d/ling from.
  7. I've gotten over 4000 k a second through kazaa before. You gotta love high speed networks and T3 connections. It used to be if I got less than 300 k a second I thought I was going slow. Now, they capped the kazaa ports to really fucking low speeds. I can still get high speed through the web, though.

  8. They did that at my school too. It basically made kazaa useless. I guess that was the intent.
  9. dam I goto get me some cable hey.
    fucking dile up sux 4.66 kb/s I have to wait like 20 mins for every song then 3 to 4 days for a game.:mad:
  10. GERRRR damn my slow compter... o well... im glad with what i have...

    o btw, what pills were you ordering? :)
  11. lol. that I saw that too. I was like, hmmm...
  12. Its an advertisement...

  13. ... Good job Sherlock...
  14. Hmm I can download full songs off blubster at approximately the speed of sound. No but seriously it takes less than 3 seconds per song, but that is from other computers on campus I think. IGN is never too quick for me but I don;t use any accelerator.

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