FAA To Ban Plane Crashes

Discussion in 'General' started by i Donk, Nov 14, 2011.

  1. Finally!

    CNN.com - FAA To Ban Plane Crashes

  2. am i missing something here?

  3. lol wut?

    edit: ahhh the onion, you had me for a second:smoke:
  4. I was confused as to how you did the link for a second, then realised how easy it is.
    Good one.:smoke:
  5. im a dumbass
  6. haha I read this a few days ago :laughing:
  7. wait...so they're trying to fit in plane crashes before they get banned? though crashing was a last resort.....???

  8. haha same here :p
  9. <--- hook, line and sucker. well played :D

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