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  1. Again this site wont let me post pics, surprise surprise. With that being said I have been growing my strain for about eight years and this will be an F3 seeding grow. I plan to keep this thread updated on the progress of the grow for those interested in a indoor seeding grow. Why Indoor? because doing this OD is very irresponsible to other OD growers in my area, just an fyi Cannabis pollen is potent up to 10 miles or more.

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  2. [​IMG]
    "....have been growing my strain for about eight years"

    what is this strain you have been growing for 8 years..???

  3. My strain is a cross between a female Chronic plant and a male Platinum Blue Dream plant. I call my strain Rhubarb Cush (see pic, the red is where I got the name) and I have been grow it for over eight years now from my own seed stock. Pics from day 20, except for a little leaf twist from the Ocean Forest soil being hot and a severe case of cat munchies the plants are doing well. Will update in a week or so. Question; is any other members having issues posting pics?

    Much luv

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  4. I think it's a problem they're working on.

    Pretty flowers by the way, those pistils are flamboyant!
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  5. Day 25 plants have put on some size. Still dealing with cat rash, but she feels better and a little over watering (taco leaves). If it wasn't obvious I'm growing in soil and I'm using a 600w system. I have the ability to run 1000w but my grow room/ craft room is too small so 600w works just fine for the space available. If I were to guess at this point in the grow I think I have a 50/50 split male/female.

    Much luv will post more progress in a few.

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  6. Yeah,that is a damn pretty plant for sure, nice job bud

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