F1 Hybrids: SSH x WW

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  1. Ever heard of hybrid vigor? I'm hoping that will be the theme of this grow, for now it's the spirit. I'm going to keep some details sparse because that shit is kind of boring. This is retro-active, today is day 20 of flower but my notes are pretty good.
    *6 F1 hyrbids: a WW lady grew some balls but who hasn't; the recipient was a SSH. Don't blame the children for the sins of the parents. These ladies will be treated righted and there's a lot of estrogen kicking around in this space, so fingers fucking crossed.
    *Grow space: 3x3x6 ft tent.
    *Medium: Top fed DWC to DWC... in hydroton....rapid rooters to start
    *Containers: 2 ten gallon tubberwear bins and 2 5 gallon buckets as needed
    *Nutrients (in order relative amount): Jacks hydroponics (5-12-26 and 15-0-0) formulas per instruction and adjusted as needed for plants lifecycle, Epsom salt, Humboltds flower stacker and micronutient, clonex rooting gel
    *Light(s): Viparspectra (LED) 450 reflector series, later a few CFLs, an ABI LED far red spectrum bulb
    *Other things as needed: air pumps and stones (large), water pumps, dehumidifier, Hyrdogaurd, 6 inch fans desktop/clips fans and a 6 inch out take exhaust fan

    Start date: I think most of the seeds popped around June 12th. There were in rapid rooters under a 13W CFL bulb in a closet. A mix of tap water and distilled water with a little clonex gel mixed in was used and the rapid rooters just sort of wadded in the water tray. Maybe some light, light Jack's was used later. I was lazy.

    I stopped being lazy around June 17th and put the plants into the tent in the top fed system with the Vipar spectra light. Here they are on the 24th of June. I'm not sure if that's 5 or all 6, one original sprout didn't make it and was replaced. More fun to come!

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  2. I topped/fimmed these plants way too early! Just 3 days later in the first pic. It was my first time cutting a plant, so technique is not really an applicable term. But let it be, because the hybrids bounced right back! One, two, three and four weeks later (+/- a few days).

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