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  1. I've read thru some of the threads here and got the understanding that F1's are the first offspring of 2 parent plants ie. Afghani #1 and Blueberry ( just an example). The F1 would be the first set of seeds from these 2 P1's am I correct?

    This is what the seed banks and breeders sell because the phenotypes aren't there yet until you breed the F1's to make F2's and that is when you start to see all the different phenotypes?

    So, I bought seeds from a breeder, got them delivered, then proceeded to pollinate my best female with my best male from those seeds than I would get a few different phenotypes? Am I correct in this train of thought or is that with only some of the strains available?
    Thank you for your time!!
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    yeah thats right, F2 is the result of F1 x F1. F1's have hybrid vigour and F2's do not.
    but F1's are not stable and u will see differences in growth and flowers unless they are feminized.
    but i could be wrong i am an armature breeder, but i do know a couple breeders and this is the info they have gave me.
  3. I have have found that F1 are generally fairly well uniform, like 80% consistant phenotype. After you inbreed two F1's, provided you have sufficient numbers you will see a complete range of possible phenotypes. When I say sufficient number I mean on the order of 100,000 plants or more. If you want to breed the name of the game is number, I will tell you for a fact that it makes a huge difference in the end resulting plants.

    When I make seeds, I take 2-3 clones of the mother and 1-2 clones of the father, then make thousands of seeds. Which, by my standards is not near enough seeds. Remember its easy to find that 1000 to 1 plant, the real trick is finding that 10,000,000 to 1 plant. Like my plant bio prof. said " choosing from 50,000 plants is only doing a disservice to you and greatly hindering your subject."
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  4. Thank you, you two! I appreciate the feedback. This is along the lines of my train of thought.
    So if I took a female from my seedbank seeds and reversed it with hormone spray and made seeds from itself I would get stable seeds that would pretty much be feminized?:)
  5. yeah, that is what i heard and it made since to me, because its the best looking plant that u selected and ur making a seed stock from that one plant and not a breeding pair, almost like cloning but from seed., so it cuts a lot of variables out, like recessive traits that u do not want coming out, ie. low yield dif taste, and smells, to tall, to short.
  6. Hey , Thanks janemba! I really appreciate you guys giving me feedback so soon.

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