F U C K the Police, F U C K Jonny Howard

Discussion in 'Marijuana Legalization' started by Gunja Fairy, Sep 9, 2003.

  1. Hi

    Im Gunja Fairy and i just wanna let you people from all over the world know just how F U C K E D up the Australian Government is.

    So you arent allowd to smoke pot in ths country???

    Unless you live in the same state as our Prime minister "John Howard" Canbarra..

    You cant smoke in most other states in this Wacked country

    You cant smoke in Queensland unless you wanna be a dirty hippie in the hills of Nombin

    Out of Site Out of Mind


    You dont understand how angry i get are there any other Aussies out there that wanna start a riot to legalise the shit cause it aint ever gunna happen unless we do something
  2. Sounds like your not too happy with Australia. I havn't seen anyone else from Australia on here yet I don't think...sorry, but whado I know. I support your cause. But your post in general confused me. A lot of peoples posts tonight have confused me. Maybe I should go to bed.

  3. I'd move to the same state as the PM.
  4. lt bugs the shit out of me that pedafiles ,rapist ,theives,real drugies and the like are treated better than a guy that grows and smokes his own,lol. life mate .Apart from that and proberly including that we live in gods[insert your own] own country my friends .Make no mistake on that one.
  5. Anyone ever heard an Australian pronounce the name 'Phil Gould'? it's hilarious, anyone would think they've come across fool's gold.
  6. Thats fine mate ,lol.We get to laugh at you guys all the time :D
  7. ^^^we sure don't make it hard

  8. haha I second that

  9. I'd advise that :)

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