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  1. I live in Qld, Australia and im over how much the australian police target pot growers and pot smokers. ive recently been charged with 50 plants while there are shootings happening almost daily on the gold coast (where i live). ive had enough with how this system works and its time we tried changing how harsh and unrealistic the laws are on cannabis. the police target petty crops and leave the real criminal big cash croppers alone, there is a huge supply of speed and heroin on the gold coast but those suppliers are left alone... kickback? just sick of this hope other fellow aussies are over it just as much as me its a joke.
  2. You know it is much easier to raise their arrest statistics (and therefor receive an increased budget) by busting pot growers than heroin and speed suppliers. Sorry to hear about your bust though, you probably made a pig very happy.
  3. In the basque country pigs are afraid of the people. They get shot and blown up by ETA :)
    Not anymore but in the glory days the national cops had to ride around in armored cars if they were in iraq, and they certainly arent allowed to police the streets and patrol.
  4. The legal system in Australia regarding cannabis is a joke. The fact we're yet to even acknowledge its medicinal use and promote almost ancient propaganda as our scientific evidence for keeping it illegal just cements our standing as a slow progressing nation.

    For what it's worth I agree with you 100% and defend anybodies right to have a choice. If someone wants to use it for recreation or as medicine, they are entitled to. Put warnings on it as you would with alcohol and tobacco when it's sold, but to stand by it's status as an illicit substance with no medical benefits is simply cruel to those it can help.
  5. Labido - your right ... they give you an options that give them numbers and then go. look at how many pot smokers we have its blah blah blah ... where so far behind here in aus its a joke.. thanks but man and yea i bet i did...funny some went missing..

    Basquedude - Ha if only

    xspizx - dude u nailed it hah i agree 100% its a joke and it should be labeled like alcohol and tobacco... is there any body over here trying to make us heard? im pretty sure australia has the high numbers of smokers from what i heard out of a uni survey..so i dont understand why dont we fight for it... thanks for the comment dude =]
  6. It's easy to be heard, harder to make those who have the power to change the laws listen. Polls have been taken, and it's remarkably positive, ranging from 56.5% -> 71% of people supporting legalization. I mean sooner or later those numbers will begin to have influence, but any attempts i've seen to try and speed up that process have been ineffective.
  7. so over half the population supports it? ha if thats true thats cool as but what the shit are we doing then...i never see any one trying to speed up the process..maybe not to the extent other people in other countries have and are doing? i think thats maybe where we are going wrong
  8. After politicians in the Australian Capital Territory voted to allow doctors to determine when cannabis was appropriate for their patients, intense lobbying by the federal government resulted in the legislation being overturned. In May 2003 the then Premier of New South Wales, Mr Bob Carr, promised patients a four-year trial into the medical uses of cannabis - but little to no action was taken

    There is no current law allowing the medical use of cannabis in Australia, and the federal law regarding drug use places marijuana in Schedule I (the most restrictive category, which also includes heroin), meaning it has no legal medical use and cannot be prescribed by a doctor. Drugs in the other schedules are considered to have medical uses (for instance cocaine, morphine and methamphetamine) and can be prescribed. Cannabis users who claim to use the plant for medical purposes are treated the same as anyone else using non-industrial cannabis
  9. The polls which I listed are from "The Daily Telegraph" and "The Mercury" respectively, found on Wikipedia and their own sites database. Many more polls have been done, with none that I have seen having less than 50% support.

    As for activity, i've been part of a protest involving roughly 100 people, some of which were arrested, the rest told to disperse. In respect to the officers in question, I will not give names, but we were not charged (although we were in possession) and told by several uniformed officers that the law was not effective, and was in their words, "A waste of time to enforce."

    I've since personally written to many politicians, none of which will openly answer whether or not they support the idea and they are all dismissive of any reasoning given. I've concluded the biggest hurdle is the stigma, there's no conspiracy theory, just no politician wants to risk being the first to give it a thumbs up. However, even with the lack of positive responses from the powers that be, the people are speaking. I imagine it wont be long until supporting cannabis becomes a strong political move, and then one day, we can look back at all this nonsense and laugh.
  10. I am genuinely sorry to hear that.

    Post-arrest is probably not the most suitable time to begin raging against the machine. :rolleyes:

    You're okay with small-scale growers getting a free pass, while large-scale growers suck it up?

    Yes. Why weren't you lending them your support, before you got busted?

    Insert suitable /facepalm image here

    This might be one of those moments for some introspection. :hide:
  11. Lol I thought of this song when I saw the name of the thread
    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uu_VuxWCYhQ&feature=youtube_gdata_player]System Of A Down - Fuck The System - YouTube[/ame]

    But anyways that really sucks man.
  12. zenghrila - cheers for all the answers i guess ha... i dont care about large scale grows i ment people that are doing other stuff large scale ... its just frustrating here and there so fucking harsh its bullshit
  13. Did you forget it's illegal or something? Man up and take the punishment - you play you pay if you get caught.
  14. ? im saying that its stupid because the more important shit is ignored....u didnt really ask if i forgot that it was illegal?

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