F*** States with inspection laws!

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  1. Just got my car inspected, got rejected and now I have 14 days to get $700 worth of work done so it will pass

    Props to states with no inspection laws.
  2. [quote name='"MasterChief420"']Just got my car inspected, got rejected and now I have 14 days to get $700 worth of work done so it will pass

    Props to states with no inspection laws.[/quote]

    Wtf that sounds shady
  3. Why's that? Got a pink rejection sticker that allows 14 days to pass inspection before I can be ticketed for expired inspection.
  4. Here, cars pass as long as they run and the brake lights, head lights, and signal flashers work.

    Oh and the hazards.
  5. If you really think that you are an irresponsible person. Inspection is good and has to be done, if you think otherwise, you should grow up.
  6. Fuck inspection.

    None around here, I got no cats or fuck all ahaha.
  7. [quote name='"MasterChief420"']

    Why's that? Got a pink rejection sticker that allows 14 days to pass inspection before I can be ticketed for expired inspection.[/quote]

    Still blows that it even exists man

  8. Yea it does, my buddy lives in Connecticut they don't have state inspection...

    Here's what didn't pass just fyi:

    Loose front tie rod
    2 tires
    Front wiper blades
    No lens cover on front drivers side turn signal

  9. Cars get failed for arbitrary, harmless reasons while people are allowed to drive vehicles in barely together old clunkers.

    It's a business, not a safety measure, in the US
  10. I always thought you guys didnt even have such a thing in the us :D

    85% of the tuning you guys in the us do you cant do over here. every part has to be aproven by some institution and if you dont have that number for your part, you are fucked unless you pay a shitton of money so they can test the part you wanna build in for a couple of days. buddy of mine wanted to build a defender with his father and that wouldve costed a couple grand just to get it legally on the street.

    im pro inspection laws when it comes to safety shit like brakes etc. but not allowing me to put a turbo on my car (just an example) because it hasnt got some number sucks dick. what could happen if the turbo fails? my car breaks down and thats it, but breaks failing could hurt somebody else so Im up for that.

    Even though I hate spinners its funny they banned them here, because they would distract other people :D talking about german stereotypes, sometimes they are right... way too much bureaucrazy etc. :/
  11. There needs to be a combination of Finnish, US and German automotive laws. All three have some amazing ideas but all three have some fucked up policies too.

  12. thats not 700 bucks. 50 for the blades. tighten the tire rod yourself and save $$$$. buy some cheapo tires from the junkyard for cheap(~100 bucks) and then ebay for your lens cover. My car failed before because the glowplug light was on in the car and the guy said he could pass it if the check engine light was on and i was like "dude its a diesel thats for glowplugs and they are working right now (it was cold that day and it still started right up) " and he was like nope. I pulled the fuse for my dash lights and went back and got it passed.

  13. The lens itself is a problem because I can only get the parts from Volvo, and the entire light has to be replaced, can't get just the lens....damn sweedish macines. and i wouldn't touch anything in the car cause I don't know shit about how to do it...and the tie rods have been a problem more than once.
  14. Now try living in California where they add smog on top of your piss ant inspection.

    Find another shop and offer them 100 extra bucks with a wink for the pass. Ask around they exist everywhere and is how I got my truck in high school passed with all the mods and the totally ridiculously illegal exhaust.
  15. I only have to do emissions testing... And even then they just plug in an obd II reader. As long as you don't have any lights on you're good

  16. Bro-ski, dn't pay 700 for that, your tie rod is only a 20 part.
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    Tie Rods wear out, but they should not wear out that much.. depending on the model of your Volvo there could be some bushings issues that make it appear to be tie rods.

    Also either buy your parts from FCPgroton or IPDusa. If you buy parts for you volvo anywhere else well.. your money, that is all I will say on this matter.

    And what do I know about volvos?

    I built a near 400hp 850 and I'm in the process (well i have the car and 16v head) lol of building a 16v turbo 240.

    I LOVE Volvos...


    ;P ;P not mine.. but Motivation for every volvo enthusiast.
  18. Disagree.

    EVERY CAR should be safety inspected, with a federal guideline, performed by licensed inspection stations. I don't give a shit if you can't afford it. Park that shit and take a bus. End of story.

    What most people fail for is emissions. Fuck that. Throw them out. You want to save the environment? Stop making lithium fucking batteries for electric cars. Guess what, when your emissions system isn't working right, your car drives like SHIT. Guarantee you'll fix it when you can afford to. who likes driving a piece of shit.

  19. Every car on the road here has to pass an annual inspection... (M.O.T)

    They're a good idea.

    Cars are deadly weapons. If they aren't maintained properly I can't believe you guys are cool with the idea that people are driving cars around that could have a catastrophic failure of safety equipment at any time.

    I imagine you'd change your tune if you or someone you know got ran into by someone who hadn't replaced the brake pads in their car for a decade.

  20. Again, you don't seem to understand that inspection laws in the US don't lean towards actual safety standards in most cases.

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