F***! she know's about delilah

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  1. so just reporting that earlier today my mom found my piece [delilah] and is holding it from me. fuck i told her i've only used it 3 times but i dunno maybe i should come clean. the thing is that i dunno if she can take the fact that ive been smoking for years. i was ready to go on a break anyways but this is making contemplate quitting for good. dunno anyone been through something similar. i have nothing against weed, or my parents. i love my parents but i dont really know how to respect them, cus i feel like theyve always lied in order to over-protect me. i've always felt isolated from the world, i've always been labeled as different by my peers. and my parents have been there to "protect" me. but now i wanna join the real world. which ever that is. i dunno this is very confusing.
  2. Always seems bad when you first get caught but it will get better dont worry.
  3. yeah, i figured my mom would cry but she didnt...i think they suspected something was up and were kind of prepared. shit how can i pass that DT?
  4. Tbh if your parents loves you as much as you say they do, they wont be pissed forever.
    And if they dont wanna talk to you theres really nothing you can do about it, its theyre choice.

    But maybe you should just come clean and get it out there to try and get a reaction out of them.
    Explan em how you do and stuff like that so theres no question about it.

    If they love you they will become good again :) but thats your choice mate.
  5. yeah makes a lotta sense. i'll do it first thing in the morning.

    edit: i might even use phelps as an example to how harmless weed is
  6. more ppl die of alchohol every year then cannabis. I dont even think there has been a registered insident of cannabis relatet death ever.

    More ppl get killed by crossing the road.
    Just as your parents if they want you running the streets late at night piss drunk or they wanna know your in your room with a friend and relaxing mate.

    I dont think she will have to think about that a hole lot :)

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