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F*** resi hits, a clean pipe is the way to go.

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by pyoung09259, May 21, 2006.

  1. You get higher with a clean pipe, you get more smoke. It is a waste of weed to keep the resi in there, seriously.

    I could never find a good way to clean a piece, and I looked all over. I found a bunch of different methods, so I mixed them up and found a fool proof way...

    A large cup or glass
    Rubbing Alcohol
    Table Salt
    Q-tips or Pipe Cleaner.

    K, in a pot put 8 parts water and 2 parts rubbing alcohol. Heat this mixture up until it is hot, but not boiling. While it is heating, place your piece in the sink and have warm water running over it. Take the pot off the heat, and pour the liquid into a cup. Take some salt (about 5 tablespoons per 8 cups of liquid), and stir to disolve. Put your piece in the liquid, and let it cool. Use a Q-tip or pipe cleaner to clean off any residue on the inside.
  2. search button plus i like my pipe resinating up. colors look sick and its a last resort when you're dry :p
  3. I agree that taking a hit out of a shiny clean piece in great, but having a rezed up bowl with a bunch of crazy colors and shit is cool too. I like to let it build up and get real colorful, then on a random day I'll clean it out and get oh so stoned :wave:
  4. agreed. rez is the shiz
  5. I've never gotten why people think nasty dark brown makes thier pipes "more colorful". When my pieces are clean they're all sparkly and light shines through them and the colors are bright, but once they get a black coating of resin they just look dark and dull. I dunno, maybe other pipes are built different...
  6. Yeah other pipes are built different, they have color changing glass. My pipe gets a dark blue and some turquoise on the bowl, and the mouthpiece gets dark purple when the resin builds up.
  7. i boiled my piece out a week ago looks and smokes better, but stunk up the house...
  8. The point of the salt in other methods is to scrape off the resin as salt does not dissolve in alcohol so there isn't really any reason to add it here. Why wouldn't you just save some energy and soak it in rubbing alcohol over night? It would work just as good if not better.
  9. With CCG, the more resin built up, the more the color's change, which is exactly why I try not to clean my pieces, but its awfully tough on dry days.
  10. honestly the salt breaks down in rubbing alchohol and becomes more coarse
    rubbing alchohol + salt will quickly remove resin from any piece.
  11. Man i love resin hits, in the days on high school and the first years of college it was the only way to make it with the small wallet. Even to this day i enjoy a roach broken up with some fresh buds in the bowlage. But lately i have been growin up. I find when cleaning your piece i liek using the fresh mint rubbing alchohol cause it smells better than the other shit and it costs the same. If your so worried about losing the color dont worry cause the color in color changing glass comes faster after you clean it. As far as salt ive never used it but i can see how it would work very well. clean pieces work loads better which is why my pieces get cleaned at least once a month each.
  12. I'll third that motion. Resin is the shit indeed.
  13. Fourth? I know I'm a newb smoker, but the highest I've ever been was off a nice resinball from the inside of my cheap glass pipe.
  14. Bleh, my friend always cleans my pipes and shit when he comes over and we smoke a shitload of resin. It wasn't alot but it got me highish. Has anyone ever done this? Get resin, lick a cigarette all around and roll it in the resin? It sticks on there and you can smoke it and shit, it's awesome, I always do that.

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