F*** one, marry one, kill one

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  1. Oprah Winfrey, Rosie O'donnell, Barrack Obama
  2. Fuck Oprah, marry Obama, and kill Rossie. (btw... im not gay)

    Paris hilton, Perez Hilton, an Ewok from Star Wars
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    FUCK Paris hilton, KILL Perez Hilton, and marry Ewok cuz thatd b crazy as shit.
    edit; shit i forgot to write three people down. fez from thats 70 show, kanye west, and johnny cash. next person is fucked if they arent a girl...
  4. Megan fox... all 3, in that order.
  5. Fuck that^?

    Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston
  6. This, but reversed.

  7. Fuck the fuck out of Angelina Jolie. Kill Brad Pitt. And definitely marry Jennifer Aniston.

  8. Fuck johnny cash (good lord, that just makes me think im gay. but im not... :hello:), kill the hell outta Kanye West (ego), and marry Fez (funny guy).......... Shit dude, you made me feel gay as hell with the johnny cash shit lol. but fuck it, im a MAN :cool:

  9. lol win

    but thread reset from rambling!

    Cheetos cheetah, justin beiber, terry green
  10. jessica alba, jessica alba, justin bieber
  11. Laura Vandervoort, Laura Vandervoort, Justin Beiber.
  12. If you marry someone, don't you have to fuck 'em for it be legal anyways????
  13. I don't know, baby. But we have all night to find out...

    Artie Lange, John Lovitz, Rodney Dangerfeild

  14. haha that's my uncle, man :smoke:
  15. Well that must make you an uncle fucker!


  16. hahaha lol man idk where you live but that shitd suck :eek:
    any way id have to say

    fuck meg ryan(or mag ryan whatever it is) when she was young, mary tenacious d(lol) and id kill the shit out of Kim Jong-il. :D

    EDIT: misread the quote had it backwards lol :smoke:
  17. met on the second, wed on the third, THEN shes dead on the fourth. im dead wrong.

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