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F.O.G. - Fruit of Gods - Incredible Pickup! (Pictures)

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by wisern, Feb 23, 2009.

  1. #1 wisern, Feb 23, 2009
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    (Edit: The strain is called Food of Gods, not Fruit of Gods, haha sorry!)

    So... today I ran into some incredible bud. I got it from this growers house who said that his friend got the seeds from Amsterdam. The strain is called FOG or Food of Gods? He said it is 23% THC and has like 2% CBD or something that causes a mild trip. Idk about all that, but all I know is that this bud got me straight FADED. :smoke: Here are some pictures of a 4.4g nug that I got for like $90. I am the kind of person who says that I will never pay over $60 an eighth... but this is most definitely an exeption! It's so fluffy! Hope you enjoy the pictures!







  2. I pay 70/8th for top notch nugs, so 90 for 4.4 sounds almost good to me, I woulda tryed to go for 80 or 85. Good pick up..
  3. Yeah man your right, Thats some FIRE.

    Good Grab.
  4. That shit looks amazing.

    Like god's vagina. :smoking:

    Take a toke for me on that one.
  5. ^^I would say it looks more like it was grown from gods vag or inside of it.
  6. a grower that charges over 20 a gram?? you're gettin raped on that dude
  7. Has it been cured?
  8. But just look at that shit! I think its worth it, there's always some incredibly dank bud that is overpriced but worth it.
  9. haha looks dank, but you only got the one nug for 90? ouch.

    its ok though, GC shouldnt be a place to talk about price, just to stare at those beautiful nuggs, and they are delicious looking :smoking: :bongin:
  10. idk what kinda grower can get away with that, but it looks good, but i still stand by not payin over 60 an 8th
  11. Hahah bro.. he doesnt charge over 20 a gram on all of his shit haha! hes got great prices and great bud... but this is like... incredible find haha. He wasnt actually the one who grew it, but his friend was. Its amsterdam seeds. XD I would never regularly pay this much for bud, but i had to grab this nug and i am very happy with what i paid. :)
  12. Looks uncured and fresh.......
  13. looks like a great i love sativas :D
  14. Yeah he said it would be best if I cured it for like another week, but its fine bro you see those crystals? mmm
  15. #15 wisern, Feb 23, 2009
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    Haha yeah man its very dank sativa. I was moving weird as shit... and felt SO great. Oh and the 2% CBD (mild trip thing) makes you have like a mind trip, so it also has an incredibly strong head high... so its a great mix :)
  16. 20 a g all the way up.. womp womp. i just bought some purp kush for those prices. shits rough..
    nice pickup tho
  17. #17 mattwood1011, Feb 23, 2009
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    thats all that matters, and its dank man

    and its a sativa, fuck yeah for that. you should take half and cure it, and take half and smoke it :D :hello: :) :smoking: :bongin:
  18. #18 mattwood1011, Feb 23, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 23, 2009

    i thought you were banned tyrone? glad to see your back man :smoking:
  19. damn that looks good

  20. im with ya on that one!!!

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