F, Marry, or Kill

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  1. They play this game on my local radio station all the time, so i thought id try to get it going on here.

    Respond to the post above you about which 3 celeberties you would fuck, mery or kill. and choose the next 3. (ex. Brittany Spears, Jessica Biel, Kathy Griffin; next post would say which ones that person would FMK, then list another 3) You can also list qualities. (ex. blind, deff, mute, or a doctor, psychologist, dentist)
    I'll start it off.

    Lisa Marie Presley
    Nicole Kidman
    Hilary Duff lol
  2. meghan fox
    taylor swift
    jonas brothers i dont care which one
  3. Ok dude , see you already screwed it up. That was quick.
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    F- Nicole Kidman(don't judge me:D)
    Marry - Lisa Marie Presley

    Alrite lemme think of three off the top of my head. Uhh

    Olivia Wilde
    Oprah Winfrey
    Gene Roddenberry:hello:

    Edit: Well this thread was a big bowl of fail, this game isn't that hard people :D
  5. Olivia Wilde- fuck
    Oprah Winfrey- Merry she's Rich!
    Gene Roddenberry:hello:- Kill this mutherfucker.. I don't even know who he is..[/QUOTE]

    Paul Kevin Jonas II
    Joseph Adam Jonas
    Nicholas Jerry Jonas

    I had two..
  6. idk them by the their real names but..

    Mary the guitarist
    Kill the diabetic
    and F the other

    Hot face, ugly body.
    Hot body, ugly face.
    Hot everything, use to be a guy.
  7. You can't even continue your thread properly, none of them are celebrities. Eh.. guess I would suspect that from an ICP derp fan anyway.

  8. If you read the first one properly.. "You can also list qualities. (ex. blind, deff, mute, or a doctor, psychologist, dentist)"
  9. @budwisesir, Nice fail troll lolol.

    M - Hot face, ugly body. (You see your spouses face more than their body)
    F - Hot body, ugly face. (Paper bag)
    K - Hot everything, use to be a guy. \t\t(Just gross)

    Angelina Jolie
    Kari Byron
    Lady GaGa
  10. Angelina Jolie fuck
    Kari Byron merry
    Lady GaGa kill
  11. start this back up? ... ok here we go
    Michelle Obama
    Jackie Chan
    Helen Keller
    p.s.( this may be a trick question )
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    Kill Michelle, -Cause you can't get her husband

    Merry Jackie Chan- to protect you after killing the Presidents wife..

    F-Helen Keller- She'll never know how ugly you are...

    Richard Nixon
    Joseph Stalin
    Mao Zedong
  13. Richard Nixon
    Joseph Stalin
    Mao Zedong[/QUOTE]

    Hmm this is a hard one because its all guys but i wuld have to say....
    fuck-nixon because hes probaly the only one who bathes lol
    marry-Stalin, we would get married at stalingrad lmao
    kill-Zedong...umm because hes chinese haha

    heres another tough one-
    bob marley
  14. Fuck Bob because his dreads give the illusion he is a woman from behind.
    Marry 2pac for no reason
    Kill Eminem because he's annoying.

    Alec Baldwin
    William Baldwin
    Stephen Baldwin
  15. why wouldnt you marry the king of rasta?

    Mary Stephen, thats where the moneys at
    Kill Alec
    F Will since hes the best looking

    Bob Barker
    Clint Eastwood
    Bill O'Reily
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    Kill Bill
    Marry Clint Eastwood cause we'd stick it out through the good, bad and ugly.
    Fuck Bob Barker.. if the price is right.

    edit - oops, next 3:
  17. kill cher thats a given
    marry oprah cus she loaded
    f madea im sure shes a freakk

    rush limbaugh
    collin powell
    john mccain
  18. Marry Rush
    Fuck Collin
    Kill John

    A girl with no arms.
    A girl with no legs.
    A girl with one left arm and one right leg.
  19. Fuck one left arm & one right leg. I feel liked it'd be the best grip wise, even though I'm a girl myself :cool:
    Marry no arms.
    Kill no legs.

    Cat Von D.
    Elizabeth Taylor
    Amelia Earhart
  20. F- Kat Von D!
    K-Elizabeth Taylor (shes old & gross now anyway)
    M-Amelia Earhart (Shes Dead!)

    Megan Fox BUT she has herpes
    Tila Tequila
    Heather Mills

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