F*** Icp

Discussion in 'Music genres, Bands and Artists' started by probola, Mar 28, 2004.

  1. i have a friend i smoke weed with some that loves those two jerkoffs. do you guys think these two are jokes?
  2. ive heard alittle bit of them, and cant stand them at all. i can listen to anything else, anything over them
  3. yea....... there are seriously like three bands that I will diss (I respect musicans, they do more then me) ICP is one of them...... I just can't stand those no-talent ass clowns, I could go into detail why, but thinking about them would piss me off and ruin my high
  4. Yah, normally I respect people's opinions of music, unless they say they are "jugallo's" I mean...seriously...you said it cowofsteel, no talent ass clowns is more like it
  5. a few great songs have been produced by the icp/twizted shit. i dunno the names though.. but yeah in general, i make fun of my friends that claim to be juggalos.
  6. ICP got kicked out of clown college so they did the next best thing and started a crapass band. At least this way they can get money from teenagers that haven't already seen a billion guys in makeup screaming into a microphone.
  7. Fuck Icp?? Fuck You. But hey lets not put em down by talking shit about them. How would you like a forum full of people dissing your favorite bands? For instance I think Good Charolette sucks ass. Eminem is a fag. 2pac can kiss my ass.
    Clay Aiken is a fag. And Linkin Park can suck my balls. Did I offend anyone? Good

  8. Yeah, you offended me, you didn't mention Limp Bizket.

  9. my sentiments exactly..... I personally don't like em.... but theres no reason to bash something ......everyone has their own taste....an that makes the world what it is...
  10. what ICP is about is just as bad as anything were saying here........ if not a thousand times worse.

    My haterd for them not only comes for the lack of talent, but also for the message of the majority of the songs.

    Trust me, I'm usually the last one to bash on peoples musical taste, I just don't care at all for these two fellows (or at least the fellows they portray themselfs as)
  11. i used to like icp and theyre music helped me through shit in my life, and when you say fuck icp i hope you kno they probably put out more music then anybody you listen to and i bet u, u cud find one song u liked if u listened but ur too ignorant and you gotta go on here shoutin ur mouth about somebody you dont even kno and didnt do shit to you jus because u need somethin to bitch about, i dont like icp now and lookin back alot of this shit they rap about is pretty fucking gay but they got good stuff so stfu, you dont see me on here bitching about how much i dont like skateboarders or teachers, dont hate on people without a reason (now its your turn to think up a reason just to be argumentative and bitch some more)
  12. i agree with everyone who says they cannot stand them i mean lyricly thier stuff is soo disgusting i mean people are like its funny but some of the shit is just plain sick. when ever someone puts it on i either leave the room or turn it off like its the biggest buzz kill ever

  13. agreed.
    anyone who rhymes nookie and cookie should be pistol whipped... and while they're unconcious a 400 pound fella who just ran on a treadmill for 15 minutes should teabag them so they wake up with an oniony taste in their mouth and a pube caught in the back of their throat.

    oh, and i don't care for icp either. (altho i do admire the way they sucker millions of clueless teens into forking over money and sucking their cocks... money and blowjobs from an emotionaly unstable 13 year old girl, can life get any better? i submit that it cannont =p)

  14. Nah, Misfits were the shit back in the 80s. Its just not the same without Danzig. I could care less for the misfits now, but I still listen to their old cds.

    I dont think I heard of this icp, which is closely related to that ICUP joke from like grade 3. Like you would get somebody to say "I" and spell "cup" and they would say "I see you pee" and it would somehow be funny.
  15. I find ICP... dumb... I think everyone I know who ever listened to them grew out of it fast... Who can take this shit seriously?

  16. uh ...we do have reasons and people had posted those in this thread ..mainly because we think that they dont have talent, have crappy lyrics and all around suck... but thats just my opinon...

  17. I was also wondering... You say an oniony taste... How do you know it doesnt taste like pizza?
  18. dissing someone's taste of music isn't cool, but dissing ICP is different. ICP are a bunch of stupid jokes that deserved to get laughed at. in Spin mag's worst band countdown, ICP was the #1 worst band ever. this settles the argument. ICP sucks.
  19. You know whats funny there actually fucking genious' if you think about it. They dress scary, swear, exactly what those little fucking tweens wanna hear and see, and of course the parents hate it wich makes the little fuckers like it that much more. Personally I think they are just like ALMOST every single band out there today, a bunch of no talent jerk offs constantly exploiting the music industry to fill there pockets. Seriously what do you think record company's judge on? The persons raw talent for singing, or do they think, is this person gonna make me rich.

    Doesnt anyone remember when music was good? You know when music wasnt aimed at everyone with ears, it was aimed at anyone who wanted to listen to it. Nowadays modern music means JACK SHIT. hahaha just the other day my mom and dad were saying how they liked eminem, WTF, u rember in the 70s and 80 's? Do you think our parents would even think about cranking up some AC/DC hells. no. ahhh fuck i just realized im ranting, it just pisses me off. peace

  20. amen

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