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    Let me state this first, my plants looked great about two weeks ago.  I am currently 5 weeks into flowering and my plants are BIG.  My ppm before flowering never exceeded 800pm and everything was going very well.  Got into week 3 of flowering and added molasses. I added too much really started to see lock up issues, looked like deficiency in Mg Fe and possibly N.  I also started getting tips that are brown and curled up/ twisted.  My fan leaves and other leaves have all but fallen off.  Some of my growth that is underneath and small is pretty green, which is weird.  I use half tap water and half distilled, my ppm before nutrients is 250ish and my ph is always 6 or slightly below.  I had NO issues till week 3 and the molasses incident.  I flushed and started nutrients at half strength but it seemed like I had a Mg and micro deficiency so I went to 1150 on my PPM, it seemed like I got a little green up and then got much worse.  Now my leaves are rapidly falling off I am getting yellowing that looks like K, Fe and Mg deficiency..... Honestly at this point I am confused and need some help here.  My plants did start to use a lot of water like 4 gals per day and I would top of with tap water, my tap water isn't great here smells like Chlorine.... I don't know if that is it I know it could play a part but is it the whole thing??? I dont think so, I think too much fertilizer personally because the leaves were pretty dark all along I thought even though most people say they are at 1200 PPM right now, I have no idea how they are at that high of PPM and not harming their plants.   I posted this in the sick plants section but I don't think they know hydro... I need an experienced HYDRO grower to help trouble shoot this with me.  Please Help me here!!!! I have pics and will answer any questions.  Thank you. 


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  2. This is literally eating at my soul, someone do me a solid here!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. [SUB]I have one plant in my system that has almost been un phased.  Its an auto flower plant I put in on the end because I didn't have a lot of room there.  It has really done great though, very little cell death.  it does show similar signs but not nearly as bad.  Here's the kicker, its a smaller plant... Less energy demands so if it is a deficiency it would show sings a lot later or not at all because of that.... Like I said above though, when I was at a high PPM the problem seem to exacerbate.  I am pretty lost here but I am just trying to give as much information as possible.  [/SUB]
  4. The more I look at the plant though it displays multiple deficiencies.  Maybe I am to lean on nutrients and need to be 1100+??? 
  5. What is your grow medium? Could be root rot. If you don't have proper aerobic bacteria inoculated in your soil and root system, then the molasses can feed the anaerobic bacteria which then cause all kinds of root issues. Your yield is ABSOLUTELY going to be hugely affected here at this point. So you can either scrap it or salvage it and get what you can.
    My cure-all is myco tea.
    The best recipe I've come up with from experimenting is basic and easy.
    A cup of earthworm castings
    quarter cup of Ancient Forest Hummus 
    Splash of Aquashield
    Few tablespoons of molasses
    Dump it all in a 5 gallon bucket and fill it with warm water. Not hot, just warm.. above room temp. Throw in a few air stones and bubble it for 36 hours or so. Add at least a cup per gallon of nutrients. In your situation it would be safe to say desperate measures should be taken and you'd be fine to just pH it and dump it straight into your grow medium to inoculate a start the battle of anaerobic vs aerobic bacteria.
    If this was under-feeding you probably would have seen signs earlier but i may be wrong. I'd love to see your roots.
  6. Sounds like salt build up. What is your set up like? What I would do is run a bunch of water thru ur system and then proceed to week that up for a few days to a week then start with nutes and slowly go back up.

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  7. Thank you for responding to my post!  Today I discovered around the root zone some small black insects... Fungal gnats????????? Could this be causing the problems?  The worst plant has these insects the others do not..... Anyone know how to kill these things or should I take that plant down to get rid of the insects in that run?  I use plastic gutters as my medium and I have small tubing as the water line that runs to each gutter supplying a slow stream of water.  Roots are massed up around the rockwool cube, which is soaked at this point.  Very wet around root ball/ crown of plant where insects are.  Next time I am going to use a basket and grow rocks to keep it more airy. 
  8. My roots really look good, nice and white... I know what root rot looks like, def not a pathogen....  Could possibly be a salt build up, I have been flushing this time before every reservoir change and I use a penetrant to get rid of salts..........
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    How often are you watering/feeding?  Soggy rockwool is never a good thing.

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