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F****** Got caught

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by chuck67, Mar 17, 2012.

  1. I just moved last week into a new apartment and my fucking neighbor called the cops, because she said it smelled like weed in her apt. I was sure to open the windows and blow it out but apparently it still got in her apartment. I was so pissed, the cops took my grinder, mflb, papers, etc. I was also expecting a new bong to arrive this week from gc fml. I have to move back with the rents does anyone have any good tips on stealth smoking at home? like what type device to use to smoke out of etc? im thinking of just doing edibles for a while.
  2. Vaporizing is less smell. Make a sploof.
  3. Why do you have to move back in with your parents? :confused:

    Vapes don't smell.
  4. yea why do u have to move back in with ur parents

    and um, pay more than $200 for an "apt" aka a room lol

    jk, but seriously, ive lived in apts my entire life, had one complaint, nothong ever came out of it...

    just fuckin smoke, dont worry about windows n shit, smoke ur weed in YOUR house....
  5. That's fucked up
  6. do it in ur bathroom where theres an exhaust fan, i think thats what its called lol. But you could make a splooof.
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    Why in the hell did you let the cops into your house? If they didn't have a search warrent then they have no right coming into your apt unless it was with your landlord. You dont even have to open the doors for the officers. Theres no law saying you have to next time know your rights. Dont let the police push you around for breaking a law which in its self is stupid and fucking useless.
  8. Its weird if my hallway doesnt smell like weed at the apt. And its not even from me, normally... window open towel down fan blowing out sploof snap size bowls hold it in blow into fan air freshener candle. Or go outside or your car
  9. damn i wish i would have known this. the cop did say he smelled it when i answered the door so i didn't have much of a choice. its public housing so i wasn't sure. im sure my neighbor was just being an asshole, i lived in another set of apartments in the same neighborhood and blew down, and neighbors never said shit. I violated my lease by getting that charge.. all my friends are in school, and im unemployed so I have no choice but to go home.
  10. Is this one of those campus apartments?
  11. If you hadn't answered the door, you'd be fine.
  12. Bolded the problem.

  13. no but its sort of similar. like a duplex, 4 connected. And yea i fucked up by answering the door. oh well a lesson learned i guess.
  14. shameless plug
  15. Any charges from it or is it just you losing your stuff and getting kicked out?
  16. Rent a house dude, I had the same shit happen to me before but I never answered the door. They came like 4 times in a month. The apt manager said if it smelt like weed again I will be kicked out. So for 6 months I couldn't smoke in my own place. The dumb bitch said she could smell it through the vents every time I sparked up, and she lived below me??

    Ever since then. its been a house.
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    Vapes definitely do to non smokers. To our nostrils its barely noticeable, and who cares haha

    Yeah a few roommates can really cut the cost down too.
  18. Hell, even if they COULD smell it, they can't come in, unless they saw a bong or weed. I don't believe smell alone is enough, but I could be wrong, feel free to correct me.
  19. In most case when it involves an apartment it isn't but they can use it to scare you into letting them in.

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