F-ed up weekend

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Samus, Aug 25, 2003.

  1. friday night i got to try coke and crack. damn saturday night was crazy.. took 8mg of xanax and some mushrooms, yesterday i was only awake for 4 hours and slept the whole rest of the damn day. anyone else get totally fucked up this weekend?
  2. i did,it was great,me and my buddy did,we were gonna go down to a grocery store and my some robotussein for the dxm(if u didnt no,u no now :) ) and anywayz it was to expensive so we went back to his place and we were playing sum video game that was crash bandicoot warped,then we beat it so we popped 5 excedrin,and we had some fresh nutmeg,then we were rambling on for hours about*thinks for a second*ummm nvm i forgot wat we were talkin bout but then he was trying to sleep,and i just kept laughing and he got pissed thjen laughed,anywayz about an hour later i realized crash bandicoot looked like sumtin u would find in australia so me and my friend were talklin like the crocodile hunter and in in australian voice we were saying "br kriky thats the bigges chrash bandicoot ivs seen in my life,it must be warped"god it was a real good nigte/slash morning.......
  3. yeah... i got hammered...then laid. good enough weekend for me.:)

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