F***ed in the A

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  1. I met a girl at the bar last night. Wicked hot and we were dancing and she was into me and we had so much in common. Anyways all of a sudden at the end of the night some Indian dude came and said something to my girl and walked off with her. I was so pissed and just had to get that off my chest. Thank guys

  2. Obviously your games not as proper as you think
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  3. She wasn't all that into you if she just got up and walked away like that, or that indian dude has one great pick up line.
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  4. you should of punched the indian and showed you are the alpha male then her legs would of opened like the doors at wal mart
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  5. mysterious creatures those women arn't they?
  6. We took his land.. he took your girl.. he owed you one..

    Unless it was a slurpee Indian.. if so, ouch.... blow to the ego
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  7. she's choosin 
  8. They tuk yer gurl
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  9. same shit happened to a bro too
    turns out his chick thought he was gay and didn't wanna be alone in the club
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  10. Get your game up!!
  11. Lol bruh thats women for you cant ever be tied all the way in with them, they are the best at running game

  12. Last time I got f'd in the a was at a bar. Terrible place to meet women
  13. maybe it was her pimp
    cant be any worse than a club .
    I like raves chicks better theyre more easy going , a random chick tahts with a group of friends at a bar though might send some stares your way , while your playing pool or drinking , hit her up ittl go smoothley from hello ! haha
  15. Likewise, clubs are bad if I want a nice woman. But if I just need a fuck its perfect. Which is the only reason I'd go to a club.
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    Wow so I went back to the bar last night and he was there but she wasn't. And yes by the way it was a slurpee indian. So I started talking with him and it turns out he's from nepal and he's a nice guy. He is visiting town and he knew that girl through a friend and he didn't boink her so thats good. I met another hot girl yesterday at the farmers market. The laundromat is also a good place to meet girls. Im planting my seeds right now so I can fuck in the fall.
  17. OP your game is WEAAAAAAAAAAAAK
  18. Let me tell you an incredible journey me and my penis went through in the cold Harlem streets one night, I assure you will feel better.

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