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f*ckin' wisdom teeth

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by IGotTheCottons, Dec 17, 2002.

  1. damn wisdom tooth... my mouth's already overcrowded, and now this big ass tooth decides it wants to join the party... but it's got another tooth already in the spot where it wants to be... where's my sister's pain killers when i need 'em? lol.
  2. yeah, my friend got his teeth pulled, and has been giving me his pain killers, umm... oxy- codein or something like that. craziness
  3. Wisdom teeth are gay. They ripped mine out before they even popped through, but do you think I listened when they said no smoking, alcohol, drinking through straws, or sucking on anything? No, when my faced was mback to normal size I smoked hella, went to a party and drank alcohol through a straw in between bong hits.I got dry sockets which proceeded to get infected and hurt like a bitch. I got 30 percocet and 90 vicodin total, I was eating those bitches like candy and I still cried myself to sleep a few times. In conclusion wisdom teeth are stupid useless irritating painful piecess of crap.
  4. i could go for some 750mg hydrocodens (sp?)... maybe about 3 of 'em. yeah... that'd help :D
  5. mine are coming in on their own... the only problem is that there's other teeth in the way. i think i'm just gonna get all my teeth ripped out and get titanium implants :D lol. my teeth would be made from the same stuff as the space shuttle.
  6. I had to have all of my wisdom teeth pulled. They were crowding out my mouth and since I had worn braces, I had to wear a retainer again after they were pulled to straighten out what the crowding had done. The doc took them all at the same time and I didn't even swell up that much. They hurt so bad when they were coming in, though, and it was like they were taking turns causing me pain. Each tooth had it's own agenda, I do believe.

    I know your mouth is feeling like shit, Cottons. I hope you feel better dude. As soon as they are in, have those babies yanked out or you'll be miserable.
  7. Well, I still have all of my wisdom teeth so I can't really relate to ya Cottons. But it sounds like now fun, so I'll smoke a bowl for ya and hope ya feel better soon my friend!
  8. I got mine out and was eating that night. The morphine was great. Count from 99 back then I woke up on a couch. They gave me 10 codeine (straight up codeine, not hydr- or oxy-) pills, which I didn't need at all so I took them after my mouth was fine. Man, I loved the feeling they gave me.

  9. i wish i could get 'em pulled... but i have no insurance at all... that's one of the reasons i'm considering implants. they'd cost less than getting all the work done that needs to be done... and i'd save so much in the long run 'cause i'd never have to go to the dentist *yeah!*

    i know what ya mean about 'em taking turns, lol. that's what mine are doing. first one starts hurting, then after a while it trades with another one. i got some oral anesthetic though, so now half my mouth is numb. woohoo!

    by the way... thanks for the bowl indianatoker. wish i could burn one myself, but unfortunately i gotta stay clean for a while :(
  10. Cottons............I hope your mouth gets to feeling better!!!! Cutting wisdom teeth is indeed a painful experience. I hate that you have no insurance because there is no pain like tooth pain. I'll smoke a bowl for you and snort these percocets and maybe my buzz will make its way towards you.

    But seriously........I do hope it stops throbbing. Letting a regular aspirin dissolve on the area dulls the pain alot more than you could imagine. I would try that if I was did wonders for me when I was cutting mine!!!!!

  11. No problem buddy! I hope you're feeling some relief from the pain.
  12. Seems like with all these "wisdom" teeth around here that all you blades and bladies would be a lot smarter. ;) ha-ha
  13. roflmao BPP!

    thanks flowerchild and indianatoker. i got a dentist appointment for monday... they're gonna do x-rays and stuff, then i go back on the 26th for a consultation about what i wanna do to get things fixed up. they do offer insurance. it's not the best, but it helps... and it's cheap, so that's better for me. until then i got 500mg bayer aspirin which seems to be working pretty well... i can kinda eat solid food now, lol.
  14. Good deal, Cottons! Let us know how it goes so we can give you more sympathy and get higher by smoking extra bowls!!!!!!!!!!! ;)
  15. Yay for Cottons!! Glad ya feeling better buddy. Hmm, I've heard that people can get dry socket when they get their wisdom teeth pulled. Hehe, then you'd really have the cottons!!

  16. LMFAO!!! omg... that's soooo funny!

  17. I knew I shouldnt have had mine taken out........thats why I'm no longer a genius!!!!!!! LOL.
  18. WISDOM TEETH SUCK!!!! mine are coming in 2 and they hurt like a bitch cause theses no fucking room for them!!! there fucking up my jaw and being a pain!!!!
    yes wisdom teeth suck.
  19. humm.. humm.... i hope ur teeth get better. umm hardcandy and jawbreakers....
  20. My wisdom teeth are just starting to poke through. No pain yet, though. I've already had 6 teeth pulled. I purposely put up a fight so they had to give me the nitrous-oxide. I love that stuff.

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