F*cken Tree Chopping! experience needed

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by jonster, May 27, 2006.

  1. In one of my smaller grow shows theres 1 of these trees, it's veged and now blocking precious sunlight, can i saw this down? is there a safe way to do this? it kind of leans away from my grow.
  2. Chop a angled cut on the side away from your grow 1/2 way thru then tie a rope around the bark and pull it down, then cop it off clean so you can drag it away.
  3. Notch it on the side u want it to fall on. If you dont think that will make it far the way you want it too attach a rope near the top but not all the way at the top and have a trusty friend tug on that while your notching/ cutting through.

    Last but not least if other ways wont work, Then if there is a larger tree near by with nice sturdy branches you can wrap the rope around that branch then take the other end of the rope and tie it around the tree your cutting (make sure its tied tight and no slack) then have your friend pull on it like a pully and it will lift/move the tree out of the way after the cut it made.

    Have done all of these while removed tree on my prop.

    Good Luck. :smoking:
  4. beautiful land man thats amazing. reminds me of when i used to go smowmobiling from maine to canada. your so lucky, i wish i could look at that every day.... smoke on :smoking:
  5. Why not just girdle it, cut he bark/cambium layer all the way around the tree to the pith wood. This will cause the tree to die, trouble with doing this, most times the tree will re-veg into a hedge blocking out even more light. To prevent this your gonna have to either go chemical/herbicide or coat the cut with rock salt, it ain't coming back after either.

  6. sometimes i get bored of the coastal temperate rainforest, but when i leave on holidays and experience the hot thick humid air in most places of the world i feend this place like no other, being that it's rare and found in only 5% of the world. Also it's fucken low key here, the chances of getting busted for weed is so slim, i no sooooo many people with outdoor/indoor growops.

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