Discussion in 'General' started by UglyInfidel, Jan 18, 2004.

  1. yeah well last night i dropped my acid for my first time, we each took one hit of acid... after about an hour i started to feel really fucked up and like the only way i can explain it was that i felt like air. everytime i moved it just felt like nothing. I kept waiting and waiting to start to trip, but it never happened. i smoked about 4 times last night and still didn't trip. I can't even explain the feeling i had, it was waay different than anything i've ever experienced. after about 6 hours after we took the hits, if i would just focus all my attention on something, and it was change kinda, it was cool and all, but on acid you shouldn't have to concentrate on it to trip, am i right? i dunno why it didn't work. The only bad part about the whole experience was the come down. I felt like shit, i was aching everywhere and my neck/back was reeal stiff. Anyone have an idea of why it didn't work? i mean it had to be real, i got realll fucked up on it for about 13 hours, but no trippin!!!!! I think i'll try acid again, but not anytime soon, i have different views on it now after last night, there is just something about it that i can't point out right now, that just bothers me. I still want to trip, and i think i'm going to try shrooms sometime in the future when they're around more. Overall, my experience was still cool, like the feelings i got (other than the coming down) we're pretty weird, i felt like jello, i feltl ike i was sinking into the floor, i was off balance, and i kept laughing uncontrollaby (as did all the other people that dropped the acid too) ... oh yeah and i thought i would mention that i bought the hits about 4 days before we dropped them, and i kept them in a cold area the whole time i had them. I read that cold was good for acid.maybe for some reason they lost potency becasue of this? i dunno... i just wanna trip
  2. I don't think that the concentration was high enough on each hit. There's more to tripping than what you experienced. It sounds like 2 hits would have done more for you. Be glad you didn't just take half a hit. Sometimes you can tell by the price per hit if you need more than one. Some people charge less per hit if the concentration is low and some will just screw you so that may not even tell you shit.

    Let your next time be with shrooms then try LSD again. Shrooms give you a different trip but I think you'll enjoy it's effects more since you didn't trip balls last night.
  3. I think you were tripping. If you want more visuals, take more acid.
  4. i don't think that concentration was high enough... i'm not even 100% sure that it was LSD, since i've never experienced a real acid trip before, i don't know if the effects i got are related to LSD at all...
  5. ^
    If you don't think it was acid, what do you think it could have been??

    The solution to trip on your next experience, seems easy enough for me. If you only took one hit this time and didn't get all the desired effects, take 2 or 3 hits next... sounds logical to me :)
  6. You had the jello effect and what you call sinking, I call melting, so I think you could have had a mild trip or what could have been a great start to one if you would have taken another hit. I've never tripped without melting and feeling like my muscles were mush at some point in the trip. You just needed more, I think.

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